by: hanna

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what is it?

biofuel is an alternative to gas or other fossil fuels, and uses materials from plants, etc. to make fuel.

what is in biofuel?

usually biofuel is made from plants

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why use it?

~prevents pollution

~ethanol is lower priced than gas at the moment

~save fossil fuels for later on

why not just use gasoline?

~gas can be a major source of pollution

~we are using fossil fuels that will soon run out

~it can speed up global warming

"the fuel of the future"

Henry Ford (Ford motor company) said in the early 1900's that ethanol would be the fuel of the future, and here we are today using it to help the world.

*not all cars can take biofuel yet*

only some types of cars can take biofuel, only FFV's can (flexible fuel vehicle). So before you put any in your car and ruin it make sure it can use biofuel!
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what we use in the U.S.

most gas stations in the united states have E10, which means its still gas, but it has 10% ethanol.
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