Hippocampus' Newsletter

Read to find out the great memories we make here on campus

National Spelling Bee

Our own student qualified for the national spelling bee. He beat Broca Sarea from our rival school because Broca wouldn't stop slurring his words


Lately we have had some troubles with students receiving messages in class. "I don't want anymore messages being received in my class" says Mr. Parietalobe.

Dr. Temporal and Mr. Lobe do not want to hear anymore phones making sounds.

A note from the Secretary

Our local secretary Thal Amus asks that if you are hungry or thirsty stop by Mr. Hypothalumus' office and he get you what you need.

Gymnastics Event

The gymnastics team and their coach Sarah Bellum came in 1st place at the event this past weekend! Sarah says "I believe the balance and coordination we had throughout the event helped the team take home a win".

Valentine's Day

Amy Gdala will be in the lunch room on February 14th for those of you without a special someone. Stop by and see her but be careful she might mess with your emotions.

Volunteering Activity

Come help the Corpus Callosum club by building a bridge so that it can connect the left side of the building with the right side of our school this Saturday morning.


Make sure you get you worksheet labeled Cerebral Cortex done so we can process the information and put it in our system.

DJ on Friday Night!

Friday February 14th- Be sure to come out and enjoy the DJ Wernicke Sarea on Friday night to see and listen to all the sights and sounds.

Vision Check

Occi Pitallobe will be hear on Tuesday in the office to check your vision and give you an eye exam.


Mr. Medulla is going to check your heart rate and make sure your breathing properly and that all is well with your blood pressure on Friday during gym class.

Plan Ahead

For those of you who have not thought about next year and your course come to Mr. Frontallobe's session on next year's courses to talk about planning and thinking about the future.