St. Nick's New Car

Simone David

Neptune 6000

"For Smooth Cruising"

Mr. Claus...

The car I have selected for you is the Neptune 6000. Please scroll down as I show you the many reasons people all over the world are buying the Neptune 6000.

Celebrity Reviews

"The perfect car, for road trip or just a slow drive with your husband" - Mrs. Claus

"The Neptune 6000 is a life saver! If it weren't for this beautiful car... I would've missed hiding Easter eggs for the children to find!" - Easter Bunny

"My wife, children, and I absolutely adore this car! This car is making not only America, but the world a better place!" - President Barack Obama

Happy family riding the Neptune 6000

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Cost $$

The actual cost of the car is $10,000 and we'll add $800 for every add-on!


Ready? Submit your dream car

Where and when will you pick up your car?

Friday, Dec. 18th, 5:15am to Thursday, Dec. 24th, 11pm

3575 Vineland Road

Orlando, FL

At your local TechTires

Coming Soon...

Jupiter 31