Oak Farm Montessori School

Community Memo - September 4, 2015

Dates to Note:

Monday, September 7: SCHOOL CLOSED - Labor Day

Tuesday, September 8: Cross Crountry Meet @ Lakeland 4:45

Thursday, September 10: Soccer Game @ HOME 5:00

PLEASE REMEMBER - Friday, September 18 is an early dismissal day (Infant & Toddlers are closed all day.) All classrooms will dismiss at 11:45 for the faculty inservice - if you have multiple children to pick up, please pick up youngest to oldest.

Why Doesn't Oak Farm have a Fog Delay?

You may have wondered this week why Oak Farm did not delay for fog when many area school did. While we delay for snow and ice, Oak Farm does NOT delay for fog. Why?

Three main reasons:

  • Fog delays are primarily meant to provide safety for school buses, who typically make many stops along sometimes busy roads and are vulnerable to accidents in dense fog. Oak Farm’s bus, however, makes stops only in predetermined parking lots.

  • Unlike area public school districts, Oak Farm’s families come from a 45 mile radius, encompassing seven counties. Fog is almost never an issue in all seven counties.

  • Oak Farm’s start time is already later than most area schools, making delays for fog less needed.

While we do not feel a fog delay policy is appropriate for our school, we appreciate the need for cautious driving when fog is present. We understand that some families may choose to delay your departure time, and we expect that some children may arrive slightly later than normal on these days.

Annual Shoe Drive - THANK YOU!

The Green Team wants to thank everyone who has contributed this week to our Shoe Donation Community Service Project. Any questions about this project or ideas for other service projects , please email Janet, the Sustainability Coordinator at jcanino@oakfarmschool.org.

Light the Night - Sept. 29

If you want to join the Oak Farm Acorns team (you don't have to join the team to participate, but using this link will allow you to raise money for the cause) - please do so via this link:


SAVE THE DATE - Tuesday, September 29 @ East Noble High School - pre-walk festivities begin at 5pm, the walk starts at 7pm

Email Macy if you have any questions - mmcnaughton@oakfarmschool.com

Lego Robotics - HELP!

Heather Lemmon, one of the Middle School teachers, will be starting a Creative Expression Lego Robotics class soon at the Middle School. This class is really hard to do without a lot of Lego Blocks! If you have any Lego Blocks you would like to donate to the school - please do so! These can be new or used. The only stipulation is that they need to be the standard, regular size blocks, the larger, Duplo, size will not work.

Please contact Heather if you have any questions - hlemmon@oakfarmschool.com


Do you live in the South Milford area or Kendallville and interested in carpooling with a family? If so, please contact Emily Brittenham via email: ehoekwater@aol.com

She has Claire who is a half day Toddler student and Evelyn who is full day in Primary.

VOLUNTEER - Sewing Project

The Middle School is in need of some new covers for a few lounge chairs in their library.

If you are interested in designing, choosing fabric, and then making some the covers please contact Macy at mmcnaughton@oakfarmschool.com

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Oak Farm SCRIP program

Getting started is easy!

1. Go to www.shopwithscrip.com and create a family account using Oak Farm’s Enrollment Code of EL1953D633772. Remember to enter your student(s) name.

2. Set up PrestoPay and email your approval code to lmoyer@oakfarmschool.com.


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All orders benefit the school & your family! The rebate is shared with both, at the end of the school year you will receive a check for the amount earned!

Grandparents - Keep them in the loop!

If you would like for your children's grandparents to get the weekly Community Memo please update their information in RenWeb and email Macy letting her know - she will be sure to add them to the recipient list.

Also - be sure to add their mailing address so we are able to mail them an invitation to Grandparents' Day that is held in November!

Area Community Events

Monarch Festival at Eagle March -

Sunday, September 13 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Meet at Eagle Marsh for this free family-friendly event. Visitors will view live monarch caterpillars and enjoy interactive learning about the butterflies’ life cycle, migration, and threats to survival. They can hike to see beautiful wildflowers and butterflies, plant a milkweed at the preserve or take one home, check out a Pollinator Farmers Market, and much more.

Enjoy the 3 day weekend - Rest & play with your children! :)