POC Scenario

By Casie Wilford

Which two should I go to?

Taffy is going to Comic con on Saturday and there are 3 of her favorite booths. Her best friend ate a bad churro and wants to go home. She only has time to go to ONE of the closest booths. CT is the altitude of the triangle below. Out of all 3 booths, which TWO will she not be able to visit?

Extra Info

Each point: A,B, and C, are the booths , and T is where Taffy is.
Big image

Step 1

First find the orthocenter of the triangle like in the picture above.
Big image

Step 2

Extend lines and list points to point T, which is Taffy.

Step 3

Find the slope of each line and put into the equation of lines.
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Step 4

Find each of the distances from T to the vertex and figure out which one is the smallest using the distance formula below.
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They all intersect at (0,0) which is where Taffy will be standing.
Big image


Now knowing what the lengths are from Taffy to each booth, which two will she not be able to visit?


TC is the shortest so that means that B and A are the booths Taffy will not be able to visit.


Altitude seemed like it would be the best for this scenario. Being able to find distances from her to each vertex (booth). The altitude being a perpendicular bisector of AB and Taffy being the orthocenter where they all intersect. So being able to use this shows the point -or the orthocenter - where they all intersect at out side of the circle where Taffy is standing. Also that each point (A,B,C) are the booths and T is Taffy.