Cherry Tree Elementary School

The Digital Learning Context of My Imaginary Classroom!

What is the purpose of school?

Every learning context is dependent on the purpose of education philosophy espoused by the members of that group.

What do you think is the purpose of school? Is it to teach children content or critical thinking? Prepare them for the future or create well-rounded people? Or is it some paradigm no one has thought of yet?

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To be the best teacher I can be, I must have excellent technological pedagogical content knowledge

I feel confident in my knowledge of pedagogy, content, and technology in isolation. I even feel confident in my pedagogical content knowledge and technological content knowledge. I do not feel confident in my technological pedagogical knowledge, and I certainly don't feel confident in the overlapping of all three sectors.



Cherry Tree has the stereotypical population of a rich, white suburb.
But in some ways this is a blessing! Students at Cherry Tree are privileged and many do not have the day-to-day struggles of students at other schools that may disadvantage them in regards to academic achievement. This may give us opportunity to work at higher levels and with deeper critical-thinking integration from the very first day.



Oh, they use Common Core Standards....

There's so much debate right now about what standards we should use for our classrooms, who writes them, and what should be in them. Among people I know in the teacher education programs, there's even grumbling that standards should exist at all--don't they reduce the creativity of teachers by limiting us to this list? I think that standards actually increase our ability to be creative by removing the hard part of making sure we teach enough content and having to figure out what that content is.

Cherry Tree uses Common Core standards to set their curriculum. There are several digital applications they use to enhance their curriculum, such as Orchard Math.

(Access Indiana's Common Core Standards library at the link below).


Classroom and School

I'm a little surprised we don't have computers in the classroom!

Cherry Tree doesn't have digital classrooms or a 1:1 policy. They have a computer lab and some computers in the media center. But the school allows things like Bring Your Own Device day in order to make the classroom a little more relevant for the 21st century learner.


District, Family, and Community

You couldn't ask for a better community to be a student

Carmel is extremely well-off, and has a highly successful population.

(Click below for US Census data about the city's residents.)

It has one of the best grades for elementary schools in the state, and Carmel Clay Schools overall is the best performing school district in the state.

(Click below for INDOE stats and grades about Cherry Tree's performance.)


Cherry Tree is such a successful school, and Carmel Clay such a successful school district, that it's disappointing they don't have a more innovative technology policy.

However, it's still a wonderful place to live and go to school, and the students who attend will be well prepared to succeed in the future.


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