The Manning Weekly Newsletter

September 28, 2018

Dear Families,

The fall season is definitely upon us, with temperatures FINALLY under 60 degrees! This school year has gone by so fast, it's hard to believe we have already made it through the entire month of September! We have so much to look forward to in the month of October:

  • the Fall Dance
  • Chili Cook Off
  • a brand new academic quarter
  • Halloween
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • New Sports Seasons
  • Concerts
  • Fall Break

And I'm sure there are many more things I forgot to list. We're looking forward to a busy and productive October, but until then, enjoy your weekend!

David / Mr. Luongo

October 3rd is our Big Day!

October Count is coming! Please be aware that October Count for this year is Wednesday, October 3rd. Please refrain from making appointments or family vacations on this day. It is imperative that all students are in attendance for this day, as this is how we get our funding for the year. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up soon! We have heard from many of you that the arena-style parent teacher conferences of years past have felt impersonal and hectic, and that you spent a great deal of time standing in line to see your student’s teachers. We have also heard from teachers that it’s difficult for them to have the conversations they need to have in that kind of boisterous, public environment. Furthermore, we had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our redesign of conferences last school year, so we are going with the same format this year:

SCHOOL SCHEDULED CONFERENCES (come if you’re invited):

  • Wednesday, October 10 from 4:00-5:30 and
  • AND Thursday October 11 from 5:30-7:30
  • During these times, each teacher will have 8 minute, scheduled individual conferences with families of students they’d like to have more extended, specific conversations with.
  • If you are the families of these students, either an administrator or counselor will contact you to schedule an appointment with the teacher requesting a conference. These invitations will come to your email by the end of the day on Tuesday, October 2.

OPEN CONFERENCES (come when you can):

  • On Wednesday, October 10 from 5:30-7:30 and
  • Thursday October 11 from 4:00-5:30
  • We will have open times for families who do not receive specific appointment requests; that way, you will still have the opportunity to visit with teachers in their classrooms, even if they are not requesting an individual conference with you at a specific time. Also during these open conferences, our counselors and administrators will be available in the library to share your student’s NWEA MAP (our district wide assessment) results and help you make sense of them.

We will schedule appointments with those parents whom teachers are requesting to see by the end of the day on Tuesday, October 2. If you have not heard from one of us by then, you can assume that you do not need to attend the individual conference times and that you are welcome to come during the open conferences to meet and talk with teachers. If you would like to request to see one or more of your student’s teachers for a specific concern, please email me so that we can discuss what time might be best.

Manning 8th Grader Publishes an Article in "Colorado Kids"

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Wednesday, Oct 10 - Walk to School Day

If you live nearby, we encourage you to jump on the bandwagon and walk to school! It's good for your health (as long as you look both ways before crossing a street) and it's good for our environment as well.

Please Plan on Coming to our Fall Fest!

There are a limited number of spaces for entries in the chili cook-off on Friday, October 26th (but lots of other donations are also needed). Sign up here, and remember to give your chili a creative name. Votes will be collected and awards given in the following categories: Best Staff chili, Best Class chili, and Best Red, Green and White (Other) chili. We hope you’ll contribute your best chili and join us for a fun evening!

This year’s Silent Auction, held during the Chili cook-off is going to be great! There will be many items to bid on, including baskets made by the Manning Access classes, and a cash-only Wine Pull.

3 Tardies = 1 Detention

Looking at our list of unexcused tardies, we have a large number of students who have 2 so far, which means one more and they earn a detention after school on Tuesday. Please reinforce the importance of time management and getting to class on time.

Manning XC Stepping Up Their Game

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The Manning cross country team ran on Wednesday in Evergreen. It was a beautiful day with perfect temperatures in the 60's. This particular race was 50% longer than the first two courses, with a total distance of 4.4 km or 2.6 miles. The course was at a higher elevation and had several hilly sections. Each runner gave it their all!

Students Work on Their Algebra Project, Finding Mathematics in the Real World All around Us

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Mr. Hageman Building Relationships with a Hacky Sack at Recess

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"Magic the Gathering" - New After School Activity

"Magic the Gathering," a card game of strategy, will be offered in the Library after school on Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:15. The first meeting is Thursday, October 4th. You don't need to know how to play, because you will learn at the club. However, you will need to bring your own deck of Magic cards.

No School on Friday, October 12th

Please be aware that JeffCo has a scheduled fall break with no school on Friday, October 12th.

Gentle Reminder for Courteous Behavior in Parking Lot

It has been brought to our attention that sometimes people in the parking lot have allowed their frustration to get the best of them. Please make an extra effort to demonstrate respectful behavior, since we expect that of our students as well. Thank you!

It's Not Too Early to Sign Up for Basketball

Creative Writing Workshop - Students Listen to Each Other's Stories and Provide Feedback

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Update from Our PLC Wednesday Afternoon

This past Wednesday, our teachers got together in subject area departments and discussed:

  • The Scope of their Work (Units and Deadlines)
  • Authentic Tasks (Rubrics and Assignment Sheets)
  • Depth of Knowledge (How can we focus more on applying knowledge rather than acquiring it?)

Design Thinking Students Get Serious about Their New Travel Game Idea

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Artists Practice Their Skills through Still Life

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At Manning, we strive to live our core values every day.

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  • I did not mark one of Bryn Cohn's answers wrong when grading her Concept Check and she pointed it out to me even though it would reduce her grade! Way to be honest and concerned about having the correct answer for later.
  • Hayden Noyes was honest with a friend about working separately to avoid getting distracted.
  • Cooper Daugherty returned my money that I dropped.
  • When Anthony Angelino was in the hallway, he picked up a TI 84 CE graphing calculator and returned it to the person who it belonged to.
  • Ava Mapes told her friend to be quite so the rest of the class could focus even though she didn't want to hurt her feelings.
  • When Hayden Noyes dropped a piece of trash someone saw it next to him and asked him if it was his, instead of denying he said he did drop it. He then picked it up and threw it away.


  • Mr. Jonson helps us get what ever we need for our project in business class, even if it is not in his class room. He also lets us tell him if we need longer time to work on our project so that we turn in the best work that we can. Thank you Mr. Jonson!
  • Mr. Crawford helps us learn in a fun but effective way. He has many games that we play, and we play one of those games almost everyday. We also were able to do a debate in social studies and say what we thought and what we wanted to say. Thank you for everything Mr. Crawford!
  • Vance Colle had a lot of effort in band to try to learn the music.
  • Seeler Beecher is always working her best to sucseede, shes also always encoriging others.
  • Maizy Hoffman always puts so much into her writing and does extra work for extra credit even though she has lots of things to do. Personally, I look up to her.
  • Ms. Hughes is very patient when people are challenging. And she is very relaxed and doesn't get her temper up when students are being difficult. She always stops to answer questions and makes sure every body understands. She works with every student extremely well.
  • Burke Lowrey tried his hardest on a test by studying in access and tutor time. Then he got a good grade on the test.
  • Addison Pung went above and beyond on her Yukon Expedition presentation for ELA class. She worked with her group to create a conclusion slide (which wasn't part of the presentation expectations) so that everyone could come back to the front of the room and share a synthesized conclusion of their whole group's work. She also spent extra time adding in transitions and formatting her slides to create an extremely professional presentation.
  • Maddie Stubenrauch and Aidan Owens created an extremely informative presentation on how to survive in the Arctic. They worked hard to find resources that could teach the class how to build a fire to help the class to understand how important it is to know how to keep warm in the harsh Arctic environment. All of this is to build background knowledge for our class novel, Dogsong.
  • I have Lilou LeParis many of my classes in which she always tries her best and asks many questions to show she cares.
  • Ms. Hughes was always positive and putted effort into every math lesson she taught. Elaina Roboff said this.
  • Emerie Nauslar is always smiling and always tries her best. She makes everyone around her smile.
  • Hannah Gribnitz wanted to make sure she passed her test so she studied the entire bus ride to school and for another 15 minutes when we arrived after 1 week worth of studing at home
  • Audrey Sara has been a great friend and he held the door open when my hands were full of school supplies and my trombone in the morning.
  • Alex Noyes spent all night working on our presentation for leadership by editing, practicing, and finalizing.
  • Anthony Angelino was out at recess and picked up lots of trash to help make our world more clean.
  • Ava Mapes puts effort into her work even when things get hard, she never gives up.
  • Anthony Angelino showed good effort by going above-and-beyond on one of his assignments and doing some extra credit instead of being lazy and not showing effort or trying to get his grades up.
  • Mr. Hageman is always really nice and funny while teaching and make the lessons interesting.
  • Sydney Joy has dealt with an injury in a very mature way. She has tried her very best, listening to videos, and respecting herself and her limits as well as the teacher's wishes.


  • Aubrey Pasquale created a information flyer for her class project. She has shared this flyer with everyone in her class to make sure everyone has access the the correct information they're collaborating with.
  • Vance Colle participated in science class alot
  • I was having severe troubles submiting an assignment. I was worried I was going to get an F on my project so I asked for some help. Freya Nagy helped me find the link to turn in my project and I got an A on my grade!
  • Maizy Hoffman, Addison Helms, and Clara Baily went above and beyond on their Yukon Expedition Presentations! They spent extra time outside of class adding in creative and eye-catching graphics to make their slides visually appealing and easy to read for their audience members. They were so creative!
  • Kahler Cardone and Leyton Miller created an extremely informative presentation on Inuit culture and lifestyle. They taught the class about many of the Inuit traditions which will help to build background for our class novel, Dogsong.
  • Roman Anderson really challenges himself to see beyond the lines when reading and writing. He shares his ideas with confidence, and drives our conversations in Language Arts!
  • Calder Vladika goes to math tutor time every morning to correct the concept checks to achieve a better grade.
  • Anthony Angelino went in to some of the classes he needed help with before school and worked on getting better. He made his grades better after that.


  • Peyton McConnell bought Mr. Fulton white out when his broke.
  • Lauren Rassono had respect for all of the teachers. She listens and pays attention. She is a really fun person to be around, and she always is a nice person.
  • Shelby O'Connor closed someone's locker when it was open.
  • Gordon Himes helped me with my locker.
  • Nora Ambro was very nice to all her teachers and she never is rude to anyone.
  • After recess, Seeley Beecher went around the field and picked up trash.
  • Gia Miller picked up a basketball at recess that she wasn't playing with.
  • Ms. Burg is always so kind, and respectful. She always pushes us to try our best, and is always supporting us.
  • Gianna Bergren deserves the award of Respect becuase she always respects me and the others around us. She is very caring and when I need help she helps me in the best way possible.
  • All the time, lunch, Social Studies, ect. John Killian is always smiling and having a good attitude. He also is always nice to everyone, asking how their day was and ect. And he never has a conversation with me when he does't say a joke.
  • We were playing ultimate Frisbee and someone got knocked down but Anthony Angelino helped him up and asked if he was ok.
  • Noah Sisk always asks how I am doing, as his teacher; he says thank you and shows his appreciation for my class -- which is greatly appreciated and makes my day!
  • Gianna Bergren is just really nice to everyone.
  • Catherine Chubb is a great friend! She was willing to talk to me when I was sitting alone.
  • Leif Dahl is always nice and has positive energy.
  • Gavin Watson was quiet and respectful to the teacher.
  • Cali DeVries always respects me and my ideas when we are working in a group.
  • Soli Ficco is very respectful. She makes sure evryone is having a god day and when someone is not having a good day she cheers them up.
  • Anthony Angelino was in a class when everybody was talking over the teacher and disrespecting that teacher. Instead of talking just like all of the other kids, Anthony decided to act out and try to quiet down the kids and respect the teacher.


  • Avery Holley is a big team player and always wants to work with others.
  • Marina Denton helped me wih stuff.
  • Anthony Angelino works very hard in math class, and will be happily willing to help with math questions.
  • Mr. Hageman is always so nice and gives an effort in helping us.
  • Everyday before lunch, Sydney Madlock and Gwyn Hirsch help others by waiting until everyone is ready to go to lunch. They help their friends close their lockers, and make sure everyone fits at their lunch table.
  • Isaiah Rainalter encouraged me and my frends in something hard.
  • A student dropped his books on his way out of my classroom. Hayden Noyes saw this happen and immediately walked over to help him pick up his books. He had a smile on his face and was happy to help out a fellow classmate. :)
  • Macy Gardner helped out on a team project by doing a paper that non of us had time to do. She did a great job and even got more things done for our project!
  • Eva Pollard helped a peer who was having trouble with a class assignment.
  • Kai Jacobsen worked with our group to come up with presentation ideas when everyone else was to nervous to share theres. She set a good example.
  • On a group project in science, I saw Anthony Angelino work with his partner well and not take the project for himself; Anthony gave his partner a chance to put something better into the group project. This act of teamwork helped Anthony get a better grade on his group project.
  • Everyday, Soli Ficco after recess, holds the door open for the 8th graders and always has a smile on her face every single day!

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The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.