Monarchs Wanted

Must Be Born Into a Kingdom!

First Order of Business? Your responsibility?

One thing you are responsible for is hiring lords. Lords are going to be the people that will make sure the peasants are farming for you, so you have food to eat every night. Speaking of knights, the lords will also be in charge of supplying you with knights in time of war.

What Else Will I Do?

Another responsibility you have is to make sure the lords, peasants, and the kingdom entirely is safe from other kingdoms. You can do this by having knights patrolling the borders all the time.

Another thing you must do is control your kingdom. If they get out of hand and start a rebellion you must take order and stop it. You must show them that you are in charge, not them.

Anything Else?

Some other things you are required to do is...

  1. You must create laws and protect the people's rights
  2. You must develop alliances with other kingdoms to keep war from happening
  3. When the time comes you must be ready for war. Be prepared and send out your best soldiers.
  4. You must administrate a government to keep order in the kingdom.
  5. Hire fair judges to work in the court.

If You Are Interested In Becoming Our Monarch Visit Us at 1234 Medieval Road