The inuit ate fish,whale,carboa, and seal. The inuit were skilled hunted food years round even during the harsh winters.

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They made water proth cothing out of tendiung of thred.

They uesd amsk for special dance

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in both the tents and the sod house the inuit but raised platformed the bark for sleeping.

they were mostly used as temporary shelter.

inuit are famos for igloos.

isberia,alaska,canda,greenland,they made igools when it was cold.

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roles of men and women

The men made houses out of hale bones and wood. They also built shelter out of snow and ice.

The women made the clothing to prepare for the winter. They would also cook and take care of the children.

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The inuit exchange whith the nez precadi kawhade.

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they traveled youeing sled and a dog they tarved bote which is conos. They made bote out of tools and nides