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Shahru M.

Things About me

My name is Shahru, and books are one of the greatest things ever. In my opinion books are much better then movies because the are more interesting. I love to read the Harry Potter series, they have a lot of action, and adventure. I love to play soccer, football, and basketball. I've played those sports for many years, and still love to play. I love chines food if there is chines anywhere i would just eat it, and that is how good it is. That is some things about me.

10 Things about me as a reader

1) I like action and adventure books

2) I like to read in the dark

3) I like to read when its quiet

4) I like to read books that are in a series

5) I read when I'm bored

6) I like sport books

7) When I start reading i can't stop

8) I like to write stories

9) I like long books

10) I like books that end with plot twists

Flo Rida - GDFR ft. Sage The Gemini and Lookas [Official Video]

Why I Chose this song

I chose this song because when I read a book I know that its going down for real, and when I read it reminds me that I should read a book no matter how tired or busy I am I still have to read

Site suggestion

I suggest a site called good read because it gives many book recommendation options, and is easy and fast.

Blog entry

Right now i am reading a book called Run Away Storm, and the book is about a kid that goes to visit his dad, but gets frustrated, and runs away on a boat, but then there is a big storm, and he doesn't have much to survive on, and i wonder if he is going to survive or not.
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