Shaping the furture.


  • fast wireless
  • games
  • videos
  • social networking
  • brilliant free apps
  • texting
  • calling
  • acess to a whole new world of opportunities!

Diffrences to the other devices

  • better camrea quilty- than a smart phone
  • a large memory
  • large touch screen
  • many exicting apps

iphone v.s. smart phone


The iPhone connects to the Apple App store, which offers thousands of applications for use on the iPhone including apps and social networking.

Despite the fact that the some smart phones do have acess to apps, i believe apple app store offers the consumer better quilty and quaintly.


Although the iPhone does cost significantly more than a standard smart phone .I feel it offers so much more for example apple offers apple care. You may argue that your smart phone has insurance but apples care policy is more than a meaningless deal, apple offers constant coverge, they promise well looked after custmors.

Features of the iphone

There is plenty of apps on an iPhone 5 including social networks ,also have ultra fast wireless connection and route planning app which helps you get to destinations when lost like a built in sat nav into your phone.
Official iPhone 5 Trailer