Traveling To Spain!

Specific insight on places to visit and the prices in Spain

What are some important cities in Spain? Which One Will We Travel To? Where Can I Sleep?

3 Important cities located in Spain are Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville.

We are traveling to Seville, Spain.

A round trip to seville and back will be 1035 dollars, which is approximately 909.01 euros.

3 places where you can go sleep is

Las Casa de la Juderia, Hotel Becquer, and Hotel los Calizos.

Guaranteed To Be Fun!

What are some (9) Cultural Places we will visit? What are the prices? How Will We get There?

The places we will visit are:

1.Alcazar Of Seville (8.50 Euros)

2.Catedral De Sevilla (9.00 Euros)

3.Torre Giralda (8.00 Euros)

4.Museo Nacional de Prado (Free Admission)

5.Watch People Dance The Flamenco (Free)

6.Museo Del Baile (30.71 Euros)

7.Museum Of Fine Arts (18.44 Euros)

8.Archaeological Ensemble of Italica (30.71 Euros)

9.Merca de Triana (102 Euros)

We Will Travel By Subway (26.40 Euros) and Train (35.20 Euros)

What are some things to have handy when traveling to Spain?

1. Clothes (Make sure they are suitable for walking long distances)

2. Backpack (For keeping all your items close together)

3. Guidebook (Good to have so you don't have to ask for directions)

4. Walking Shoes (For walking)

5. Favorite Snacks (Best believe they aren't gonna be in Seville)

6. Camera (Lots of beautiful places, keep memories)

7. Journal (To document what you see, people's interactions with one another, etc.)

8. Baby Wipes, Toilet Paper, and Flashlights (Public restrooms probably won't have tissue, and lights are timed so keep a flashlight incase the lights go off before you finish using the restroom)

9. Cash

Make sure ALL of these things are packed securely within your backpack, and you don't leave your items unattended, and always remember... Have Fun :)