Infectious Diseases

8.L.1.1 and 8.L.1.2

The study of Microbiology

Microorganisms are living organisms to small to be seen by the naked eye.Microbiology is the study of these organisms.Microbiologist study the functions,structure,and uses of these organisms.The main groups of microorganisms are:

  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • fungi
  • and parasites

By studying these organisms microbiologist can find a cure for a disease that is caused by one of the organisms above.


An outbreak is the start of a disease that is greater than would be expected at a certain time or place.If the disease seems to spread more widely,but only people in a certain country or region its called an epidemic.Epidemics usually don't go further then a boarder of a country,but when sick people travel or a tourist gets sick and travels then is slowly turns into a pandemic.The pandemic starts when the traveler goes back home after getting a disease (or a sick person visits family in a different country)they transmit the disease to them and then they transmit it to people at work the store EVERY ONE THEY MEET.

The difference between an epidemic and a pandemic is:

A pandemic covers much wider areas around the world and is also sometimes worldwide,

and so causing many more people to get sick.

A epidemic covers only a specific country or region and affects only a small portion (yet bigger than expected)of people.

The similarities of an epidemic and pandemic:

Both an epidemic and pandemic are a disease outbreak that effects many people.