European Union- organization that has shared goals, yet they remain separate counties

NATO- treaty organization, formed to destroy communism

United Nations- created in replace of the League of Nations, maintains peace and friendship between countries

NAFTA- North American free trade agreement, one of the largest free trade organizations

OPEC- formed to establish oil- exporting policies and set prices

Economic activity levels

Primary- raw materials

Secondary- processing and manufacturing

Tertiary- businesses and professional services

Quaternary- information and intellectual services

Quinary- high level officials in field such as government, science, healthcare, and media


Truman doctrine- provides military and economic aid, to any country threatened by communism

Cold War- between democracy and communism, towards communism taking over

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Forms or government

Democracy- government by the people

Dictatorship- all power to one person

Monarchy- state/ nation which primary power is a monarch

Economies & agriculture

Subsistence agriculture - farming for one persons supply, only them or their families

Traditional economy- where traditions, customs, and beliefs shape the goods/ products the society creates

Free enterprise- trade, industry, and the means of productions are largely owned for profit

Mixed economy- elements of public and private enterprise

Command economy- distribution of goods and services are controlled by the government

Globalization- increase flow of trade, people, technology, culture, and ideas among countries

GDP- gross domestic product

Infrastructure- basic things needed in order for a country to thrive EX: roads & rivers

World war 2

Marshall plan- American aid to Europe, to help rebuild European economies after ww11

Genocide- extermination/ discrimination towards one group

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Tariff - duties/ customs imposed by the government on imports and exports

Sanctions- used to punish a country for violating international laws

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Diversity- the differences of the variety of cultures, religions, and ethnic groups

Stateless nation- ethnic group that does not makeup the majority of the population of the nation/ state

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