The Renaissance

The Middle Ages & the Modern Era

The Change of the renaissance

The European Renaissance changed not only life but things outside of life including art, science, & cultural revolution. The Renaissance changed art, religion, & entertainment which all were developments of the world. It was a cultural movement, a revival of learning about classical source, development of perspective in painting. This transformation resulted in the Renaissance between the Middle Ages & the Modern Era.

People Associated with the Change of the Renaissance

There were many people associated with the Renaissance that helped make it a huge movement of change. Leonardo Da Vinci was associated with the change . His major contributions including the very famous Mona Lisa, were part of the works of art. Another man, Michelangelo, a wealthy merchant, also had a magnificent change in the Renaissance. He was known for portraying the human body & sculpting the very well known Statue of David.

"A Work of Art"

Change Impacting the Society of the Renaissance

The Renaissance saw the discoveries in the world. The scholars of the time, were witnessing a time of the revival of classical learning and wisdom after a period of cultural decline. It was a period of time when people were starting to break away from the Medieval times. With more & more inventions being created, life was becoming easier and less stressful. Soon, modern day began.

Change Seen In Today's Modern Society

The Renaissance had a huge effect on developments that led to today's society. Led to an increase in knowledge in Greek cultural which influenced art, literature, & architecture. The printing press soon led to more books being published, which encouraged an increase in literacy. The writers during the Renaissance also helped to show the difference between the sacred and secular society.