Mrs. Klaich's Newsletter

First grade, Liberty Elementary


Monday- Music


Wed.-Library/Late Start Wednesday

Thursday- Gym


Field day on Thursday May 25th. Please bring a bottle of water, sunscreen and dress appropriately.

Web links

Here are some helpful links.

All passwords and usernames can be found inside your child's folder.

Reading series...

Raz kids:

School City of Hobart


Your child should be able to read.

  1. brothers
  2. loved
  3. people
  4. everyone
  5. most
  6. sorry
  7. field
  8. only
We will be working on the prefixes un- and re-. I will also be introducing adjectives that compare.

Spelling words

  1. even
  2. open
  3. begin
  4. baby
  5. tiger
  6. music
  7. paper
  8. zero
  9. table
  10. below
Bonus words

  1. because
  2. silent


We will write poetry.


Take ch. 13 math test



Please check your child's folder nightly.

Don't forget to sign the back of your child's folder.

Pack a healthy snack daily

If your child does not have headphones, please bring in a new pair.