Improvements Made In Me - AVID

Kayla Phan / 7th grade / AVID 2

How I Grew As A Student In AVID

I've learned many things in AVID that have completely changed the way I work, function, and see things. Thanks to AVID, I can now be more responsible. I've learned how to write cornell notes, how to greet people, how to focus in class, organization tips, how to read a speech correctly, tutorials, and so much more. But that's only the very first semester, and there are many more things for me to learn!

And I will continue to improve, and become even more responsible

next semester.

What Will I Do Next Semester?

Next semester, to improve, I'll stay as organized as possible, complete my tasks on time, study more often, take more notes, and listen more often in class. Next semester, I'll try even harder to become more successful, and I'll keep trying until i get all A's in my report card, I think taking these actions will help because if i stay in the same process as I'm in right now, I won't continue to grow. If I want to improve, I have to keep trying till I get there.

How AVID Impacts On My Daily Life

AVID can really impact on my everyday life. AVID has taught me public speaking, therefore it is easier for me to talk to people. AVID also taught me how to greet others in a settle way. So now if my dad sees any of his friends at the grocery store, I can introduce myself, and get to know them. I've also learned how to organize, so now my room is always clean. AVID has not only helped me improve in school,

but my daily life as well. And I'm so glad that i was able to have a huge

opportunity like AVID.

Why You Should Go To AVID

There are so many reasons why you should go to AVID. Even if you're already making good grades in school, and you already know how to do most of the stuff taught, I think AVID would be great for everyone because they help you improve on the things you already know. So if you're doing good in school, AVID will show you how to be even better in school. AVID will help you out in so many ways, trust me.

How Do These Lessons Help Me Improve?

Stuff like cornell notes help me improve because i used to not know how to take good notes and understand them. All I did was write down what the teacher was saying. But now i know how to cornell notes, I can ask myself test-worthy questions, know what the subject is, and take even better notes. AVID also helped me with other things too such as writing and thinking.

Thanks To AVID

Thanks to AVID, i now know better ways to study, be organized, talk, etc. I'm so glad I was accepted in this amazing program, and i can't wait to learn even more. Also, with AVID, I might even find out what I wanna be when I grow up, and what college I want to go to! Again, thanks AVID, you completely changed my life.

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