How It Works: Cocaine (Coke)

By: Truette Dendish and Kaitlyn Rogers

Cocaine is a Stimulant

A stimulant is: A drug or substance that causes a raised heartbeat and high blood pressure.

The 'high' effects of cocaine usually lasts 30 min - 2 hours

Types of Cocaine

Inhaled or "Snorted": This is type is more likely to have effects such as trouble smelling, nosebleeds, constant running nose and more.

Injecting Cocaine Through Needles causes: Increased risk of HIV (From sharing needles), Many blood borne diseases and a risk for Hepititas C.

The effects on the body

Higher risk for:
  • Heart attacks
  • strokes
  • paranoia
Negative Effects:
  • HIV and Hepititas C
  • Frequent nosebleeds
  • Blood borne diseases
  • Hoarse/Rough Voice
  • Troubles breathing