Dan Axtell - The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God by Dan Axtell

Many people have a variety of ideas and concepts of what the Kingdom of God is. The question I posed was, do we actually know what the Kingdom of God is? I’ve spent the last couple of years researching this concept and I have found that the Kingdom of God is wherever the people of God come under the rule of God and manifest the peace of God. It started in the Garden of Eden and has been in force until this very day. The way that God has ruled His people has changed over the generations...

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Who is Dan Axtell?

Dan Axtell is the lead pastor of Restoration Life Church in Sacramento, California. In the past, he has worked as the adult minister for First Baptist Church Sacramento, and the Associate Pastor for Trinity Baptist International in The Hague, Netherlands. Dan is co-leader of the Midtown/Downtown community pastors’ fellowship and was a co-chair for Season of Service with Luis Palau as well as the lead organizer for Convoy of Hope.

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