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Weekly Update Edition 24 July 17, 2023

Don't Work for Free!!

Eleven month employees go home, don't you keep working for free. If you don't get written documentation from Human Resources stating that you will be paid for the work in advance, you are very likely volunteering your services.

We have fought for all 11th month employees to be off the entire month of July without question. The only 11 month folks working in July are those that are covering for the principal as he/she take two weeks for their vacation. This coverage must have also been approved in advance.

It is unfortunate that there are numerous vacancies and much work that needs to be done over the summer, but if you keep doing it for free that makes it that much harder for us to obtain compensation for you.

When you work and the system refuses to pay you, we will fight for you but often times it is a loosing battle. The best remedy for that is not to work for free. The brownie points that may be promised by supervisors, may be as sweet as Minnie Jackson's pie in The Help, but they may may also be full of her number one ingredient.

Don't work for free!!

It may look like a good opportunity but you don't know what's in it!!

ASASP Board of Directors

Unit II and Unit III

Thank you for your membership, support and dedication to the education of our young people. Feel free to reach out to the board to share concerns, we are here to serve!!

Jeffery J. Parker, Executive Director

Benjamin Pryor, President

Your ASASP Board of Directors - Representatives

Benjamin Pryor - President
Tony Spruill - Vice President ***
Carlene Murray - Secretary ***
Danny Miller - Treasurer ***
Jennifer Williams - Board Member (Unit III Board Member) ***
Dana Brown - Board Member (Unit III Board Member) ***
Michelle Towles-Monroe - Board Member (Middle School Principal) ***
Simone Malloy - Board Member (At Large)
Nichelle Williams - Assistant Principal (At Large)
Traketa Wray - Instructional Supervisor (Instructional Supervisor)
Vacancy - Board Member (Secondary Assistant Principal)
Jewel Preston - Board Member (Elementary Principal)

Vacancy – Board Member (High School Principal)
Antinia Robinson - Board Member (III Board Member)

Crystal Bright-Mundell (Elementary AP/Wing Coordinator)***

*** indicates new Board Members elected in August 2022

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Benefits for Members

Don't Talk About It, Be About it!!


Unit III Shout Out: Thank You for supporting the Union by serving on a committee or serving as liaison when called….WE NEED YOU TOO!

Brown, Maxine

Covington, Melissa

Everette- Jones, Deeon

Freeman-Jones, Anissa

Hudson, Freida

Marshall, Anika

Puertollano, Patrice “Pia”

Wilson, Amber

Unit II Shout Outs: Thank You for supporting the Union by serving on a committee or serving as liaison when called…..WE NEED YOU TOO!

Alerich, Amanda

Colandrea, Tammy

Colbert, Felica

Givens, Brett

Hall, Teresa

Lewis, McKenna

Mason, Sandy

Morgan, Tisa

Thompson, Kevin

Tolbert, Latoya

Tucker, Garrett

Washington, Michelle

This Week at Work.


17th Monday – We are in the office

18th Tuesday – We are in the office

19th Wednesday – We are in the office

20th Thursday – We are in the office

21st Friday – Office Teleworking Day

Union History...... You Can't Afford Not to Know $$$

Please take a few minutes to educate yourself or refresh your knowledge of the history and current struggles facing unions. The three videos provide and overall basis of union roles and responsibilities, as well as the limitations and obstacles unions face every day.

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Congratulations are in order!

SY 23-24

School Name/Principals Name

Gholson MS Samecia Broussard

District Heights ES Tracey Walters

Cool Springs Laura Carr-Degen

*Montpelier ES Jennifer Gerwig

Capitol Heights ES Shawna Berry

William Beanes ES Nyree Smith

Gwynn Park MS Terrell Hall

Gwynn Park HS Naima Hopkin-Vinson

Magnolia ES Sharelle Stagg

Glassmanor ES Dr. Jamilah Weldon

Seabrook ES Ebony Mauldin

*Samuel P. Massie Academy Brandi Smith

Charles Carroll MS Michael Coates

Legends Charter School Mellanie Brady

*Laurel ES Tyrone Harris

*Paint Branch ES Emmitt Hendershot

*Highland Park ES Dr. Michelle Pegram

Northwestern HS Nkenge Barker

*Potomac HS DeMarco Clark

Rockledge ES Demure Gavin

Cesar Chavez Laura Guzman

Sonia Sotomayor Dr. Leroy Alicea

Thomas Johnson MS Dr. Kia Cadet

*Kenilworth ES Rhonda Clomax

William Hall Academy Jesse Belarde

Thurgood Marshall MS Trina Hayes

Judge S. Woods ES Dr. Sandra Bunns

This list has been made public already and speaks specifically to newly appointed principals up to this point. Please know that ASASP represents principals, vice principals, as well as other unit 2 and 3 supervisors that may have received promotions and transfers. We will congratulate all others whenever we receive the documentation.


We know the frustration you face daily


Don’t Resign from the System/Position

Take 24-72 Hours to Contemplate

B4 U “Act Out” In Oracle!!!

Educational Links You Can Use.

Links You Can Use:

MASSP – Maryland Association of Secondary School Principals

MAESP – Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals

Prince George’s County Board of Education

Maryland Department of Education

United States Department of Education

Big picture

Community School Coordinators Communicating with Supervisors at monthly meeting.

The Community School Coordinators and Supervisors are some of PGCPS hardest working members, working daily to close the gap of the haves and the have nots. Leaving no stone unturned, these folks try to cover the needs of all PGCPS.

Compensation As of July 1, 2023 Highlighted.


D. Salary table for FY 2023 improved as follows: - 5% COLA effective July 1, 2022 applied to the base salary. - One Step increase on July 1, 2022 applied to the base for all eligible employees. Eligible is defined as a Unit member who has served in the Unit for at least one calendar year. - All permanent employees for PGCPS as of June 1, 2022, who are still permanent employees as of September 16, 2022, will receive a $1,000 one-time retention bonus. This payment will be made by separate payment no later than October 21, 2022

E. Salary tables for FY 2024 improved as follows: - 4% COLA effective July 1, 2023 applied to the base salary. - Add an additional Step ( top of the scale lane expansion) to each Grade. - One Step increase on July 1, 2023 applied to the base for all eligible employees. Eligible is defined as a Unit member who has served in the Unit for at least one calendar year.

F. Salary tables for FY 2025 improved as follows: - 4% COLA effective July 1, 2024 applied to the base salary. - One Step increase on July 1, 2024 applied to the base for all eligible employees. Eligible is defined as a Unit member who has served in the Unit for at least one calendar year. Negotiations will open for FY25 for language, any additional compensation and future years of the negotiated agreement.

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