Milk automatic collection systems

Milk Rate Management System

Guaranteed Milk Quality with Innovative Testing Equipments

Purity-The Most Important Concern in Milk

Purity remains an important aspect in milk processing and supply. Since, the product has to be sent in different levels like in condensed form or skimmed form, etc, there involves lots of mediating processes during which contamination possibilities are higher.

How Suppliers can enhance their Product Reputation?

Product reputation is an important constraint for food suppliers. When it comes to milk, quality and safety measures are mandatory for health concern and safety of intake. Constant testing of samples can help to enhance reputation.

Equipments for Evaluating Milk

Milk is one of the largely consumed food products in world where possibilities of adulteration are higher. With increasing consumption level, evaluation has become a highly recommended requirement in order to maintain its quality and purity. Special range of equipments has been designed to analyze, check and test its purity and presence of adulterants. These machines are comparatively cost effective and produce reliable results.

Milk Analyzers and Secura Strips

Milk Analyzer is an exclusive machine designed to test its accuracy and repeated tests can also be done using this equipment with testing nearly 120 samples within one hour. Secura strips on the other hand helps to identify presence of adulterants in terms of color options. This is an economic choice of testing methods and it can be applied to target majority of adulterants including YFormalin, Sugar, Urea, Sulphate, Starch, Detergent, Sodium Nitrate, Maltose Dextrin, etc.

DPU and Automatic Milk Collection System

DPU and Automatic Milk Collection System is a kind of technology through which dairy industries and milk cooperatives can benefit in many ways. For example, this system can be integrated to enhance operational aspects present in Village Milk Collection Centre and it provides timely collection, reduces wastage, faster and reliable.

Machines for Checking and Analyzing

Milk Checker N-4L is a special from of detector that helps in easily detecting Bovine Masitis which in turn helps the industry to focus on corrective measures. It is very supportive tool for dairy farmers that help through detecting changes in quality.

Benefits of Lactam Test

Among the several examinations and equipments available for checking purity of lactic liquids, Beta Lactam Test helps in detecting purity and support in business in terms of intensification of supply chain.

Food Lab Tester

Food lab tester is new form of analytics that is also simple and quick in detecting quality. In addition to that, this device serves dairy farmers to reduce losses. It is safe to operate and can be used to examine the product over different parameters including ammonia, l-lactic acid, urea, chloride, alkaline phosphate, E-fructosil-lisina, etc.

Testing and Evaluating Devices in India

Everest Instruments Pvt Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers in India with its operations at Gujarat. We provide technically innovative apparatus for testing the quality and reliability of consumable products and special equipments to maintain hygiene of atmosphere. We are specialized in supplying exclusive range of devices for examining milk and these are highly supportive for dairy farms.


Milk is prone to impurities because there are several processes applied starting from collection to storing and supplying of this produce. These can contaminate its purity. Hence, application of testing equipments can be implemented to provide guaranteed milk quality.