Mrs. Thompson's March GE News

Gifted Education: Rush Creek Elementary

Cognitive Abilities Test? Results Come in the Mail! April or May

For formal identification until the end of elementary school, we are looking for results in the 96th percentile (in comparison to 100 other students) or higher in one or more of the three areas we test.

Although students are regularly identified with the CogAT, there are other ways to be invited to participate. MAP test scores this spring will be used to identify students who will be invited to participate in GE for one school year.

Feel free to get in touch with me after you receive your child's test results if you need clarification.

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Verbal Seminars will begin in April!

Grade 3: Super Heroes

Grade 4: Jr. Great Books/Code Your Own Adventure

Grade 5: Mock Trial or Improv

Ten Strategies for Parenting Gifted Children

  1. Listening. Listen attentively and actively to your child. Respect your child’s feelings.
  2. Perspective. A sense of humor goes a long way in parenting, as in life. It is very important to maintain a healthy perspective on the ups and downs of daily life and our children’s experiences, as well as our own.
  3. Attunement. Stay attuned to your child’s world. Pay attention to the various factors that might be affecting his emotional, social, behavioral and/or academic functioning.
  4. Clarification. Clarify everyone’s expectations-your own, your child’s, the school’s, and others’, such as extended family members’. Are the various demands being placed on the child well-defined, fair, and flexible? If not, think together about ways to improve matters.
  5. Information. Seek information about high-level development. Pay close attention to sources that provide insight into the particular kinds of support that your child requires.
  6. Exploration. Expose your child to a wide range of extracurricular opportunities for play, exploration, and learning in response to his individual abilities, interests, and needs.
  7. Consultation. Consult with professionals and other parents to explore possibilities such as alternative learning opportunities in your child’s school, within the community, and beyond.
  8. Advocacy. When necessary, advocate for appropriate learning options that will suit your child’s individual needs and levels of advancement in different areas.
  9. Co-operation. Work with educators, other parents, and members of the community to create as rich and engaging a learning environment as possible for your child and others.
  10. Awareness of Special Needs. Be aware of your child’s special needs, whether these relate to gender, ethnicity, disability, or specific talents or abilities, and be prepared to offer support.

While all of these perspectives are important, parents should also realize that they can best strengthen a child’s learning spirit and help sustain her drive to mastery by respecting her choices, nurturing her independence, and allowing that sometimes the most valuable learning of all is that which happens serendipitous-ly through the many experiences of daily life with friends, neighbors, classmates, and family members.

Matthew, Dona J., Ph. D & Foster, Joanne F., Ed.D, Being Smart about Gifted Children, pp. 318 & 319, Great Potential Press, Inc, 2005.

GE Monthly District Parent Forum Meetings

Join us for monthly Gifted Education parent meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to provide parent support for students participating in gifted education needs based classes. There are monthly presentations throughout the year with various topics – see schedule below. These sessions will be facilitated by several of our #279 Gifted Education Teachers. All meetings will be held at Oak View Elementary and will be from 6:30-7:30 pm. Childcare for children 4+ and a light snack will be provided.

March 29th, 2016

6:30-7:30 PM

Communication: The Key to Relationships

April 12, 2016

6:30-7:30 PM

Not Just Gifted? Twice-Exceptional Children, Organization Issues

May 10th, 2016

6:30-7:30 PM

Advocating for Your Gifted Child

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Perennial Math Wall of Fame for February

Fabulous 5 Scores Grade 3:

Raegan Fritts

Brody Berglin

Braeden Henke

Grant Sandell

Addison Sorbel

Fabulous 5 Scores Grade 4:

Blake Bauerly

Josh Femrite

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CML Perfect Scores for March!

Grade 2

Charlie Friese

Andy Huynh

Cody Locketz

Henry Knutson

Gabriel Sandberg

Grade 3

Raegan Fritts

Gabe Hockett

Max Miley

Grade 4

Kat Klopotek

Jackson Kuznik

Puc Simon

Grade 5

Stavya Arora

Maddie Fahey

Sarah Feng

Max Johnson

Connor Kasbohm

Drew Leafblad

Eliana Maciej

Zach Nash

Sam Peters

Charlie Rausch

Chlioe Ackerman

Arwen Baer

Drew Beauclaire

Ella Beeler

Taha Farooqi

Ashley Friedrich

Cody Kaiser

Madeline Slyter

Jett Uzzell

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