The Sochi Scandal

The truth behind the 2014 winter olympics

Going for Gold....and Getting it Taken!

The South Korean figure skater, Yuna Kim, was robbed of her gold medal. Russia’s Adeline Sotnikova won the gold by a meer 5.85 points. The majority of viewers said that Yuna’s performance was far better than Sotnikova’s even though her’s was good too. Yuna apparently wobbled a tad on a landing which cost her the victory. Enough though Yuna landed seven triple jumps compared to Adeline’s six. This decision is said to reek home-ice advantage!

Poor Conditions!

Hotel Disater!

The worst part of the Sochi olympics had to be the Sochi Medis Hotel. This is where many of the althetes and guests were staying during the events. Sadly, the unfinished hotel lead to unhappy guests. When guests first arrive the first thing they are greeted with is a sign saying 'If water is restored, do not use on face. It contains somthing very dangerous'. Not only was the water absolutly digusting, the pluming didn't work. Guests could not flush or use any bathroom facilities. This unfinished hotel was a disater!