A Chinese Invention 变种

Being invented

1) The bronze Chinese bell was invented during the Bronze Age by the Chinese.

2) Some say Russian Orthodox and Chinese used the bells to speak to spirits or God. The bronze bell played two to three different tones in certain places of the bell.

3)The way to use the bell is to hit it with a metal like stick and it produces about two different sounds depending on how you hit the bell.

4)The bell

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The bronze bell was brought to Europe by the knowledge of people mixing copper and tin to make it. It did originate in China but when people were hearing how it was made they copied from them. It took awhile because communication wasn't fast. Europeans Industrialized before China did which made everything that is technology, appear to come from Europe.

The most important thing we learned is that the Bronze bell established during the Bronze age in China, not in Europe. Chinese inventions have a huge impact on our lives today. These Chinese inventions have allowed us to innovate and evolve off these inventions.

Bianzhong: Performance on Traditional Chinese Bells