Summer of Racing

Physical Science In Detroit

The most interesting part of my trip to Detroit

In the beginning I thought that seeing Tanner Foust's car was the closest I could get to him. But later on I actually got to see him drive his car, jump on the ramp, and drift around the corners! When I saw him drafting down the straight that was cool too. In the final races another racer (#43) crashed into Tanner and took him out. But in the end it all worked out because I actually got to meet Tanner and have him sign my G.R.C. hat!!!!

Three Things About Me

I have allergies so whenever I want to try some thing new I have to read the ingredients on everything. I struggle with staying focused on certain things so I will need extra help organizing things and working on projects this year. Science is my favorite subject of all my classes. In science this year I hope we do a lot of fun experiments and labs.