Middle School Back to School Night


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Welcome Parents!

We are excited to see you this evening!

Please make your way to the HPAC first by 6:30pm. We will be starting right on time with a very brief keynote which will feature the Parent Association President, Amy Powell, and our Dean of Community Life, Myv Hopton.

Following the Keynote, do take a few moments to breeze through the ARTS WALK which will include faculty from all the ARTS as well as our TECH department and PE/Athletics.

The FIRST class you will visit is ADVISORY which will begin promptly at 6:47pm. You will receive a schedule from your child's advisor indicating the times/classes for the rest of the evening up to 8pm.

Childcare is available for $5 (which includes Pizza) in the Gym

Parking is available at the corner of Del Mar and Los Robles.


Please note that the buildings used tonight are the HPAC, the Library building (called Pike), and the Hayden building (front office/main building).

If you are looking for rooms that begin with H (ie: H13), you will find those in HAYDEN.

If you are looking for rooms with P (ie: P5) those are located in PIKE.

If you have ML2 as a room, that is in the Gym/Arts complex and is noted on the map.

We will have printed copies of the map available for you this evening.