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Published March 1, 2020

37 kids came to EEE Club last week. They're asking for your support of who they are at this moment in time.

Educators must be more than allies | Kelly D. Holstine

Living Calendar

Goody Table Signups

We're having a 4-Day Goody Table Week NEXT WEEK. Sign up here.

Vertical Planning Days

Monday, March 23: ELA Team

Tuesday, March 24: Sped Team

Wednesday, March 25: Math Team

Thursday, March 26: Science Team

Friday, March 27: Social Studies Team

What are we doing?

1. Completing final units.

2. Revising previous units.

3. Creating common assessments.

4. Looking at placement decisions for 20.21

5. Visiting classrooms a-la PINEAPPLE CHART!!

UA...I need to know if you need a common planning session.

Upcoming Deadlines

March 6-10: Placement exams for advanced ELA and Math completed in Mastery Connect.

March 17th: Placement exams taken by all student hoping to take advanced ELA or math next year.

March 18th: Grades in IC, Work Skills scores entered in Google Doc.

May 10th: Summer assignments submitted to Bowles (reading, math, writing)

This Week's Observation Schedule

Monday: Frey Formative, Peek Summative

Tuesday: Maley Formative

Wednesday: Maley Post

Thursday: Clayton Summative, Skidmore Formative, Fay Post

If you think you are missing from above, just give me a shout.

This Week's Meetings

Let's CALIBRATE this week in PLCs (1, 2, 5, 7--be on time, friends.)

March 3: Calibrate a 1

March 4: Calibrate a 2

March 5: Calibrate a 3

PLCs are heavy this week, but we only have 7 for the entire month. Plus, we're cancelling the one-hour faculty meeting.

Monday: Faculty Circle in library, Sped meeting

Tuesday: No Science Team, PLCs

Wednesday: Weekly Custodial Meeting, SLCs, SBDM at 4:30, PLCs

Thursday: Office staff meeting at 10:45, PLCs

Admin team checks in daily from 2:45-3pm to catch up on the day.

Faculty Meetings (Circles and Vertical)

Circles occur every Monday at 2:45-3:00.

No March meeting full-hour meeting.

April: Vertical Meetings ALL ON ONE DAY--purpose is scheduling/room assignments (April 16)

May: Vertical Meetings at scheduled times--purpose is evaluating our goals for the year, making new goals for next year including a method of charting our progress

2020 Planning Meetings (1, 2, 5, 7)


March 3: Calibrate a 1

March 4: Calibrate a 2

March 5: Calibrate a 3

March 11, 12: Fine-tuning SBG

March 17: Behavior PLC


April 1: Behavior PLC

April 2, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 30: Hold for final unit planning, unit adjustment, proficiency scale adjustment, common assessment creation


Hold for anything K-Prep or end of year related and ATMs

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Welcome back, Miranda!!

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