Attention Mortgage Credit Users

Kyle & Stew have joined Avantus Mortgage Credit Reporting

Historic Persective

After 10 years in Aviation and Real Estate Settlement Services, Kyle McMahan and John Stewart (Stew) have re-entered the Information Services Industry with Avantus. Avantus is a National Mortgage Credit Reporting Operation with over 75 years of outstanding service and proprietary Technology with-in the Mortgage Lending Community.

Kyle and Stew are excited about re-engaging in Credit Reporting. "Credit is what we really know and love, not to mention, we have a proven track record satisfying our clients needs" says Kyle McMahan. McMahan, former Chairman of INFO1, successfully lead the organization through rapid growth and many industry leading innovations that set the stage for today's credit reporting environment.

INFO1 grew out of 6 regional credit reporting agencies (CRA) strategically located around the U.S. to become one of the nations largest CRA's and credit reporting technology firm. The company was packaged-up and sold to a national Title Insurance Company.

Phil Cataldo, Owner of the Atlanta-based sales operation says, "Kyle and Stew's experience and client network will be a tremendous lift to Avantus both in sales and vision. I get up every morning thinking how I can have fun. The three of us could not be having more fun loving what we do and satisfying our clients." Stewart added, "you're always having fun when your clients are happy! We have performed months of due diligence on Avantus and they are the right fit."

If you need to add another vendor or are not 100% satisfied with your CRA, contact us to hear about how Avantus can increase your profits and add the fun back to Credit Reporting.

About Avantus

More Than Just Great Credit Reporting Services

Avantus has been servicing the credit granting community for over 75 years.

In that time, Avantus has grown to become one of the leading credit reporting companies in the industry.

Our robust and scalable delivery platform provides an end-to-end data solution, enabling lenders to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Technology is a core competency.

The Avantus system was developed in house, by our own development team, and continues to evolve to meet ever-changing market conditions. This ability to quickly provide custom enhancements based on a customer's specific needs allows Avantus to provide a service level and flexibility that other reporting companies are simply unable to match.

Service is what separates us from the competition.

The front-line service staff at Avantus is frequently mentioned as the most knowledgeable in the industry by originators with experience using multiple credit vendors. This is the direct result of our focus on retaining experienced employees.

The average customer service or technical support staff member at Avantus has well over 20 years experience in the industry; dealing directly with credit reporting issues, trade-line updates, verifications, and credit scoring. Many times, these experienced professionals have been the difference between closing a difficult loan and losing one.


Avantus is a member of the National Credit Reporting Association and the Consumer Data Industry Association. Key personnel from Avantus and its affiliated companies have held positions on the boards of both CDIA and NCRA, including Chairman of the Board of CDIA.

In addition to these nationally focused groups, we are also actively involved with the issues facing our customers in the mortgage industry through our national, regional, and local mortgage associations.