Weekly Newsletter

Friday 26th June 2020

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This Week

Phew what a scorcher!

The children have enjoyed a lot of out door learning this week. We are very fortunate to have such extensive grounds where bubbles can spread out and move about. Thank you for allowing the children to come to school in their coolest clothes - it has made a real difference. It's so important to smother them in suncream before school and to send them with a hat and a water bottle. The staff have been wonderful at finding shade for them outside and keeping the classrooms cool for them indoors.

The different perspectives of our current situation.

Please pause and spare a thought .......

  • Some children are ecstatic at being able to come back to school.
  • Some children are ecstatic at being able to stay at home.
  • Some parents are ecstatic that their child can return and they can get their careers / home life back on track after such a stressful and anxious time - at last - it looks as though it's nearly all over and good times are ahead!
  • Some parents are ecstatic that their children can stay at home - they are having a great time and enjoying the freedom.


  • Some children are even more isolated as their sibling can come back to school and they can't.
  • Some children are having to get used to a different teacher, a different set of children and a different bubble room.
  • Some children are having to work harder than ever to catch up in a small bubble where the teacher attention is intense and the situation exhausting.
  • Some children are upset at leaving a parent at home with siblings - suspecting that while they are working harder than ever, their sibling is in the paddling pool or out for the day having family fun without them.
  • Some children are dealing with the anxiety of COVID and changes to their family circumstances.
  • Some parents are still struggling with teaching children who are not able to return, balancing their own careers and home life and are therefore still having a stressful and anxious time - for them it is nowhere near all over and they can't be sure of good times ahead.

What's this week been like?

I have spoken to most children and parents this week. Those children I have not spoken to, I have observed. They seem relaxed and engaged in their bubbles. Nursery teachers are amazed at how the little Stars have taken their different classroom in their stride. Foundation Stage teachers feel that the children have just about caught up with where they were before lockdown in some areas - well done parents! Year One teachers are thoroughly enjoying working together to plan activities for key skills that the children are really seeming to benefit from. Y6 teachers are the most ecstatic of all. They have been blown away by the fact the children have just come straight in and settled down to serious work as though nothing has happened in between March and June. They have resumed work in their bubbles as though it was normality and the teachers feel they have not dropped their levels - again, thanks to parents for keeping them going!

Key worker bubbles

Our three Key Worker bubbles are now at maximum membership and so, to meet needs we have opened a fourth from Monday - it will be for KS2 children and will be taught by Mrs Bennie and Miss Rushworth.

The children in the KW bubbles seem to be enjoying their time at school, even if it is less normal for them. We can never underestimate the value of social interaction - lockdown has been particularly hard for isolating / shielded families, families with one parent and families with only children.

Quick messages

If the weather is still so hot, we will relax the strict uniform code again next week. That's not to say that they would be wrong to wear uniform if they have a cool one - just to give you the option to wear lighter clothes if their uniform is hot.

If your bubble teachers need you to come in a PE kit, they will text you.

Y6 children - please remember to come from 8:45am and you will be leaving at 2:45pm from Monday.

Have a great weekend - stay safe, alert and cautious!

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