Bring it On

By: Brandon Dedrick

Ten seconds left in the last period in the state qualifier round. Your down by two points when the clock winds down. Five, four, three, two, one. The ref blows his whistle and you untangle yourself out of the web that is your opponents arms and legs. You shake your head in disappointment. The score is 3-5. As the ref raises your opponents hand indicating that your opponent has won the match. You think "man this stinks, I just got deat by a girl." Although this might bring you down I am for coed sports.
Do you want to get arrested? Probably not right? One reason why I am for coed sports is that it is a law. There is a law that bans gender discrimination in schools (Gender Games 2012). The law (title 9) was signed into a law by President Richard M Nixon in 1972 (Gender Games 2012). A chart shows that in 1971-1972 a staggering 294,000 girls who played sports in high school to 3,667,000 boys who played sports in high school. But in 2010-2011 a less staggering 3,174,000 girls to 4,494,000 boys playing sports in high school (Gender Games 2012). The article said " Nia Oden,19, a forward for the university of Illinois says she would not be playing varsity basketball today without the gender-equity laws (Gender Games 2012).
Sport should be coed because of their good benefits. Their is a big conflict between boys are better than girls and girls are better than boy. But when boys compete against girls the boy pushes the girl to do better because the boy dose not want to be picked on by his friends. Then they get a lot of exercise. Even if it does not work they learn how to get along as team because they have the same goal and that is......winning.

Some say coed teams might hurt self esteem because girls are generally not as strong as boys. It could also put girls at higher injury risk in sports like football (Should Sports Teams be Coed 2005). Girls do not have to sign up for higher contact sports like football. they could sign up for soccer or basketball. In sports like wrestling it might cause more forfeits, because it does not feel right to wrestle the other gender. On the other hand it is the forfeiters loss when he or she could have won. Some people say that devlope (sometimes) more athletic skills at a younger age. But a girl is not forced to play on a all guys team.

I believe that sports should be coed because one, it is a law, and two, it has good benefits like exercise. I hope you are with me on coed sports. No matter what sport or gender if you are a girl and you7 want to play a guys sport then go sign up.


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