Information for Parents

September 6, 2013

The Guidance Department has made available a variety of resources for parents on our school websites. We have included information on a number of topics including ADHD, Bullying, Child Abuse, Internet Safety and Mental /Emotional Health Issues. For example, under Bullying you will find information available from both local and national organizations, as well as a brochure developed by our staff on CBSD Bullying Prevention and Intervention Program and located at this link

This brochure outlines the district’s pro-social and developmental approach to prevention and intervention and what parents can do to help with prevention and if they suspect their child is involved in a bullying situation.

This site also has a link to Family and Community Resources that may be helpful. Community agencies that specialize in grief, mental health services, drug and alcohol, community health services, and family crisis are some of the resources that are provided.