Third Grade - GEOGRAPHY

World, North America, U.S.A, Ada County, Idaho, Boise

Geography in Music, Art, and Physical Education

Listed below is a collection of information representing geography in different forms. Each piece will help you see, hear, and do something that represents where we are in this world (planet, continent, country, state, county, city, neighborhood).
First is four different types of songs that share information about Boise and Idaho.

Second is two web sites that provide 23 different types of physical education games that are played around the world.

Third is six different types of art that represent where we are in the world.

MUSIC - about Boise and Idaho

Dec. 2013 - Greg Harness (vocals), Gary Eller (guitar) and Dave Daley (fiddle)

ca. 1863 - unknown songwriter

The Idaho Song
Here We Have Idaho
The B 52's "Private Idaho" (Original Video Clip)


ART - helping us find where we are in the world