Welcome To Millerton

Millerton, Pennsylvania, 1960


Hi my name is Hattie and my family is very rich. My Nana and Papa are very rich and have the biggest house in town. We are kind of the big thing in town and everybody knows us.

Get with the Jam!

Tips for Living in a Small Town

1. Everyone knows everything. It's that simple. Don't expect to be able to get away with anything without someone knowing. I will walk down the street and everyone that sees me calls and tells my mother.

2. The town is easily accessible from any point in the neighborhood so there is always something to do.

3. It is a small town, so you have to know that if a big event happens everyone including you must go to the event.

Tips to Keep Busy

1. Always be busy. It is a small town, and if you get bored, it'll be rough to get by.

2. Go to the library and read books, it's my favorite thing to do!

3. Hang out with your friends if you have any.

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Be Good to Newcomers

1. When new people come in town, make a good impression on them. You'll be seeing them often.

2. If they're your age, expect to make friends with them.

3. NEVER be rude to them. You don't know what kind of people they are!


During Christmastime, and sometime in the summer my nana and papa throw parties. kids are not allowed and parents/adults have to dress fancy. Come to as many as you can. they will know if you dont!
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