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September 2, 2019

Instructional Focus:

I get that having a new certified evaluation tool is somewhat scary/intimidating. With that in mind, I have decided to dedicate this portion of my weekly newsletter to a different component every week (in domains 2 and 3). I feel that this aligns perfectly, as it allows you to hear how I interpret each of the sections, and the rubrics correlate to good instruction. Please know that these are just my thoughts, and not a comprehensive overview on the subject. If you would like more information, I have attached the rubric and a detailed summary immediately below.

2C: Managing Classroom Procedures

This section can really be a "work of art" when you go into a classroom with well-defined routines and procedures. This section maintains that the classroom is well run and minimal instructional time is wasted between transitions, supplies are carefully managed, and instructional groupings are intentionally thought out. If done right, an outsider could view the class as "running itself." The key to this type of classroom is practice, practice, practice with a heavy dose of feedback.

Food for thought:

  • What procedures do you have for asking for the bathroom, tissue, pencil sharpening, nurse, paper passing/collecting and lining up?
  • What procedures do you have when a visitor enters the room?
  • How do you set up your seating chart?
  • How quickly can your students safely move from one thing to another?
  • What are you currently doing that a student could do for you as a classroom job?

(Full Text Here: pages 47-50)


Upcoming Events:

  • 9/2-9/6: B Week
  • 9/2: Labor Day-No School
  • 9/3: 3rd and 4th GLC @ Playa @ 3:45
  • 9/4: Vision Screenings in the AM for K, 1, 3, 5, and COPE-schedule coming soon; 1:55 Release-PLC
  • 9/5: Data Team Committee @ 7:15; PTSO Meeting @ 3:15; 5th and 6th GLC @ Playa @ 3:45
  • 9/6: Grandparents Day Breakfast @ 7:15; Progress Reports home
  • 9/9-9/13: A Week; Suicide Prevention Week
  • 9/9: Cookie Dough Orders Due; Conference Sign Up Due
  • 9/10: Leadership Team @ 7:15; Dad's' Club @ 7:00 @ SoCal Taco
  • 9/11: Early Release @ 1:55-Campus PD-Goal Setting and Student Engagement
  • 9/13: All 45 Day Screeners Due; Substitute Accommodations Due
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Stressful September.....

September seems to be when the stress of a new school year seems to really appear. Let's change the mindset and call it "Self Care September."
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