Johnny Ca$h

The Man In Black

Johnny Cash is a famous legend for his rock country music.

Life Of Cash

Born in 1932, Cash was working in a cotton field to help with pay. Later in his life he went off the the Military for training and that's where he got his first guitar, he became famous for his music in 1950.

In Cash's earlier years of performing in the 1950's he started drinking heavily, and became addicted to amphetamines and barbiturates. But latter he became better and stopped doing drugs and stopped drinking so heavily.

All through out 1950 through 2003 he was a famous man that influenced so many other famous people today.

The Wins Of Cash

Johnny Cash soon after 1950 got 11 Grammy's , 26 awards. Cash was in 36 movies and made a album in prison where he recorded Folsom prison his 3rd most famous song.

Johnny Cash was a man who wanted everyone to hear and enjoy his music and he was brave and he wanted to make an album in prison, maybe to make the prisoners happy with the song he made "Folsom Prison".

The Cash Influences

Cash changed the world and what we think about music, maybe it was his amazing attitude that pulled us in or was it the amazing music he played no matter what we love him for his music.

Johnny Cash's most famous song is Walk the Line, but his top 5 songs are 1. Walk the line 2. Ring of fire 3. Folsom Prison 4. Hurt 5. A boy named Sue.

Sadly his days of singing and making people smile ended in September 12, 2003 a couple of months after his wife June Carter Cash passed away in May 15, 2003.

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Rick Rubin

Rick Rubin helped Cash produce his last songs, And helped Cash get the song "hurt" by the nine inch nails. The song "Hurt" by the "Nine Inch Nails" was about the after affect on drugs, Rick Rubin asked Trent Reznor if he could let Cash use the song and Reznor was happy to let him use the song.
Johnny Cash made the world notice you don't need diamonds and gold and fancy things to live out your dream, you don't need money and riches to live out your dream.

Cash never wanted to brag about what he had or what he accomplished he was just happy for what he had done for the world and for what an impression he made.