Everyting You Need To Know

The Risks of Gymnastics

Being in gymnastics means taking risks in evey move you make. The most common injuries in gymnastics are wrist-sprangs, sprained ankles, ACL injures, achilles tendonitis, spondylolysis, and herniated disks. Go to the link below for more information.


The vault in gymnastics is a 60 foot long padded runway leading on to the springboard which will normaly include 6-12 springs; give and take how high you would like to bounce. Once you reach the spring board you either do a round off or do a normal punch (a hard jump on the board) in less advanced levels you will do a normal punch. From the punch you can do things like a handstand-flatback, dive roll, and a front handspring. From a roundoff you can do thing like back-handsprings and back-tucks.


Floor includes both dance and gymnastics; dance for looks and to connect skills gracefully. Floor is like the base event many things come from floor like back-handsprings, back-tucks, front-handsprings, and front-tucks. Floor is the only event that has music and routines are commonly based around the music that is chosen. You need at least one tumbling pass, one leap, one jump, and a roll is any form (this was based on the levels 2-3)


This event is all balance. The routines are 45 seconds long and warning time is at 35 seconds any longer and you will get a deduction. For beam your ankles need to be as strong as your mind and confidence meaning you have to trust your self. Anything you can do on floor you can do it on a beam.

Uneven Bars

Bars is so called the hardest and most dangerous event. Many coaches tell you bars is about your streangh but when really its about your timing along with your streangth. The lower bar in the set is the one you normally get on to first then you jump to the higher bar. In bars you learn your chin-up-pullover before you do and thing else. The chin-up-pullover is the base for everything.


A compitition does not happen until you are on the teams. U.S.A. Gymnastics is the program that is the team for everyone in the U.S.A.yet your gym will catorgoize you in to more specific groups. At a compitition you will go with your team to a special location water it be a hotel of another gym.