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Weekly Campus and Principal Update

Finding Your Groove...

Just as we should be getting back into the swing of things, this week brings new challenges in a shortened but full Spirit Week. Kiddos may struggle with these interuptions to our routine including a lockdown and fire drill, school pictures, and even a pep rally! I assure you that by the end of the 3rd week, staff and students will be finding their groove and feeling like themselves again. Thank you for such a warm and positive start to our school year! I am so proud of our school and proud to be a Warrior!

The 7 Skills Students Must Have For The Future

Whether you're new to Warrior Country or a veteran teacher here, this is a great article and video about those 21st Century Skills I keep talking about. How might you help students to grow in the following areas?

"If you’re not able to sit down and watch the full video below, here’s a quick rundown of the student skills Wagner recommends.

  1. Critical thinking and problem-solving
  2. Collaboration across networks and leading by influence
  3. Agility and adaptability
  4. Initiative and entrepreneurialism
  5. Effective oral and written communication
  6. Accessing and analyzing information
  7. Curiosity and imagination"

Attendance: Every day, Every period.


We cannot stress enough the importance of your taking attendance in every class. We are seeing many inconsistencies with kiddos being marked absent 3 of 7 periods. It is imperative that we each do our part to account for student presence or absence in our classes. Failure to take attendance regularly creates additonal work for our front office team who has to track down and verify those irregularities for every student.

Survey says...

I love asking students if they have a favorite teacher at the end of the first week. Using a highly scientific formula known as "ask the students who are on the porch after school", I have some names to share: Bayyan, Neuse, Delahunt, Singleton, Miller, Miller, Lehman, Mahmoud, Willis, Antwine, Alderson, Smith, Fry, Klein, Dubin, Hieronymus, Bartley, Jones, Irias, Rozell, Planks, Haworth, Humphrey, Luna, Bernabo, Semifero, Allen, Pantleo, Blount, Barasch, Agilar, Byrd, and Davenport all received votes from your students...several multiple times! Thank you for building relationships with our students so early in the year!

Your Action Item Checklist:

  • PDAS Refresher Course and Signature with Kay Ellis TODAY
  • Information Sheet to Denise Radtke TODAY
  • Update your Eduphoria
  • TSR Part I is due Sept. 13th
  • PTSA membership dues are turned in
  • MyPISD page is updated with contact info and calendar (if it's working!)
  • Grades are updated in the gradebook every Monday
  • Parent phonecalls and emails are returned within 24 hours
  • Key Inventory completed THIS WEEK with Kecia Theodore

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