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Week of May 16, 2016

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This Week's "JOT": iPad Apps for Education

As anyone who has attempted to use an iPad in the classroom knows, the number of apps available (free or otherwise) is enough to make your head explode. Fortunately there are folks out there that have organized the world of iPad apps to create resources to help us better identify and choose apps that might actually serve student learning as we envision. One of the better resources for this comes our way from "down under" at the Department of Education and Training in Victoria, Australia. Called iPads For Education, its clean page design, intuitive search engine, and responsive filtering tools and icon tags, iFE makes searching for and choosing the right classroom iPad app about as simple as it gets. You can sort by subject area category, alpha, key word, price/free, newest-to-oldest, etc. and, best of all, learning focus and teaching ideas are included as part of the app's clear and quick description.

Check out iPads for Education apps catalog and let us know what you think.


Q: How can I see what's on a student's portal? Is there anyway I can view what the student sees when they login to Illuminate (w/o having them present or having to login as them, of course).

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A: There is now a Student Portal View available to teachers in Illuminate.

This is yet another one of Illuminate's recent enhancements and it makes it possible for teachers to view and even interact with the student's portal. This is especially helpful when you want to confirm that your online test is available for student access. Here's how to access their portal from within:

  1. Once logged in, click on 'Students' and then 'Student Profile' (at the bottom of the list)
  2. Scroll down towards the bottom to reveal the live interactive student portal view.

Check out the screenshots below and then login to your own account and have a look at one of your student's portals. Take notice to how clean/easy-to-navigate the student portal interface is.

Indeed, this is an impressive piece of software!

To learn how Illuminate Education can be better used in your class to improve assessment delivery, streamline assessment scoring, and simplify data management and analysis, contact your school's friendly tech ninja today.

Article of Inspiration

11 Underlying Assumptions of Digital Literacy

By Terry Heick,

Where's Binder This Week?

  • Mon, May 16: SBAC Testing Support (RD), Ed-Tech Plan Presentation Dev. (DO)
  • Tues, May 17: SBAC Testing Support (RD), Ed-Tech Support (MS), Ed Tech Plan Presentation Dev/Revision (DO)
  • Wed, May 18: Ed-Tech Support (FG), Tech Plan Pres Dev (DO), SBAC Testting Support Wrap-up
  • Thurs, May 19: Ed-Tech Support (CHS), SBAC Testting Support Wrap-up
  • Fri, May 20: Offsite