New parent Newsletter

Morgan Zapata

Newborn Appearance

Babies appearance grows over time. They change from skin color to even forming their own skull. Babies aren't like babies in a tv show you see or a movie. Babies have misshapen heads because they are missing a part of their skull and it will develop over time. They also have white substances on them and those white substances help protect the baby in the womb. The fine hairs of the baby also help protect them while in the womb. When babies are born their color is dark red to purple, but once they start breathing it turns more reddish.

Bonding with infant

How do I bond with my infant?

Mother's begin bonding when the baby is in the womb while fathers start bonding once the baby is born. Mother's who breastfeed and it's time to eat is also a bonding point. Fathers bond with the babies by bottle feeding, or changing the diaper. Parents can bond with the baby by holding, reading, or even playing with them.

Guidelines for toys

When buying toys for infants you have some guidelines. No strings, nothing that is sharp, not glass, and not to small to where they can choke.

Examples: you, you're their favorite plaything.



Push pull toys

Hardback books

Pros and cons of breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Pros of breastfeeding are: not expensive, nutrition, isn't processed milk, stress relief, sanitary, and keeps baby healthy.

Pros of bottle feeding: easier to do in public, ad voids attachment, no pumping, reduce strain on weak mother, and nutrition.

Cons for breastfeeding: hard to do in public, hurts the mother, socially unacceptable, start to leak, jealousy, medication hazard, and time consuming.

Cons of bottle feeding: expensive, purchasing formula, thrash, processed, time consuming, and baby can get sick if the bottle is dirty.

First foods for baby and when to be introduced

At birth: milk through parent or formula

2-4 weeks: orange juice or vitamin C

4 weeks: fluoridated water

3 months: cereals that provide iron. Vitamin B.

3-4 months: mashed hard cooked egg yolk

4 months: puréed fruits and vegetables

6 months: puréed meats

7 months: breads and pasta

Later: adult food

Characteristics of a healthy child

Characteristics of a healthy child is a baby who sleeps soundly, eats without coaxing, teeth are in good shape, gains steadily in weight and height, and they have few aches and pains. Others are enjoying group activity, their skin color, verbal skills, attitude, and strength.

SIDS prevention and crib safety

SIDS is a sudden infant death syndrome. To prevent SIDS you should always lay your child on its back when it goes to bed, not using bumper pads in the cribs so they do not suffocate, and placing your baby on a firm mattress. For crib safety also have a firm matress, no bumper pads, nothing in the crib with the baby. The baby shouldn't have any blankets or pillows. The rails should be 2"-3" apart and do not place crib by the window.