Religion In Public Schools

It's a opportunity every kid should have.

This should be a opportunity!

Schools don't allow students to praticipate in prayer or religion practice in schools. This is a skill that all human beings should have, education is not complete without it.

Violation of the 1st Amendment

The first amendment states that everyone should have freedom of religion. It doesn't say that it doesn't apply in schools. Students should have the right to express there religion however they want.


My Question: Should kids have the right to practice their religion in public schools?

Riley Francis a straight A student replies: I want the right to practice my religion in replace of my elective!

Anika Murthy a top student answers: Kids should be able to practice religion if wanted too; but it's not required for all students.

My Proof!

Religion in Public Schools

Why should students stop being who they are spiritually when they walk in the school doors? Shouldn’t they be able to be who they are at home and throughout their years in school? This debate about Religion in Schools has been going on for several centuries. Practicing religion in public schools is a great way for kids to learn new things. This is a part of education that should not be left out.

Not being able to express your religion in public schools is a violation of the 1st Amendment. The first amendment strongly states that all human beings should have freedom of religion, but the students can only express their religion so far in school. Although students do have some rights; teachers don’t. Religion in school not only affects the student rights, but strongly affects teachers and faculty rights also. Having a spiritual side decreases stress and helps the human mind to prioritize. Students may have a miraculous change in attitude towards completing homework. Many religions teach good character traits. If students were able to share and discuss their religion with others, more students can be open to that religion and to discover those morals. Being taught good character straits can also help affect the student’s behavior and attitude during class. The student could have a huge change in the way their attitude towards school is.

Opposing views may state that spreading religion can be offensive; if students were to put their religion on top it can make other students with different religions feel offended. If students were to talk and have time to discuss about religion, they could uncover myths and find similarities between each other’s religion. They could have new information that helps them respect and have a good attitude towards other religions and the students that believe in them.

While religion in public schools has been not wanted for many years, the proof shows that it is needed throughout the nation’s public schools. Being able to express your religion is a privilege every student should be able to have. Expressing your feelings make up a part of the human being that should be shared. Let student’s express their self in every way possible! Don’t limit them to be their selves!