Rock Cycle

By: Bailey Yeats and leslie reta

What is a rock?

What are rocks? A rock is a naturally occurring solid and is made up of a mixture of different sediments. Rocks can be any shape, color or texture.

Igneous Rocks

A Igneous Rock begins as magma. Magma can form when a rock is heated and can also be formed when heat and pressure is released. Magma is a mixture of many minerals. It is formed beneath earths surface and the temperatures of most magma is in the range of 700 degrees C to 1300 degrees C.
Magma can contain suspended crystals, dissolved gas and sometimes gas bubbles.

There are two basic types of igneous rock. There is Intrusive Igneous Rock and there is extrusive rock. Igneous rocks that form above the Earth’s surface are called extrusive igneous rock.Igneous rocks that form below the Earth’s surface are called intrusive igneous rock.

sedimantary Rocks

Sedimentary rocks are moved from place to place sediments are deposited in layers. The older sediments are on the bottom of the rock. All of the layers are compacted and cemented together. Sedimentary rocks are formed from weathering and erosion.

Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic Rock is a rock deep within earths crust that has been exposed to extreme heat and pressure causing changes to its appearance, structure, and composition. Metamorphic rock are created by the physical or chemical alteraltion by heat and pressure of an existing igneous or sedimentary material into a denser form.

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