3rd Grade News

Mrs. QR's class

Homecoming Week and Centennial Birthday Celebration

We will have a busy week next week. Webster Elementary will be combining a celebration of Urbandale Community School District’s 100th birthday with this year’s Homecoming Week festivities!

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Mile Run

Don't forget Mile Run is Wednesday!

Fast Testing

Your child may share that they were tested. For the next few weeks, I will be testing the students in the area of reading fluency. They will read 3 short passages to me and I will record how many correct words they read in one minute.

Math Groups and Reading/ Writing Groups

In third grade we pretest each student for every math unit. We look at the tests and identify areas where we need to teach and challenge. As a third grade team we then group students by like needs. These groups change with each unit. Student travel to other classrooms to get the instruction that fits their need.

Reading and writing groups will be created after we finish our fast assessments. We will be placing some students in intervention groups by like need. For example, if your child needs help with fluency ( reading quickly) they will be grouped with other 3rd grade students who also need fluency. They might be traveling to another classroom or they might be staying in our classroom.