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February 7, 2020

"Educare" or "Educere," that is the question.

“Craft (1984) noted that there are two different Latin roots of the English word ‘education.’ They are ‘educare,’ which means to train or to mold, and ‘educere,’ meaning to lead out. While the two meanings are quite different, they are both represented in the word ‘education.’ ” (Bass and Good, 2004)

That possibly comes closest to understanding the difference between traditional education and Montessori education. Mind you, I am not pinpointing public education versus Montessori because there are many public programs these days that adhere more to the “educere” concept (a variety of public charter programs, etc.). And there are many private programs that practice more of the “educare” model, that of training or molding.

To educate in a Montessori classroom has to do with, once again, the prepared environment, the prepared teacher. The “educere teacher” sets the scene for the child to explore, to question, have the resources ready, the lessons given that enable the student to be “led out” to find the answers.

As in last week’s article, the student is not a vessel waiting to be filled but a sponge absorbing the environment around him until he has been “led out” into his own discoveries.

The “educered” student is not ever passive or a victim. He is an integral part in the process of being “educated.” He is the searcher, the explorer. Once again: he is not passive or a victim waiting for someone else to mold him or fill him. He is the kind of adult we desperately need as we move further into our 21st century world.

Reference: Bass, Randall V.; Good, J. W. Educational Forum, The, v68 n2 p161-168 Win 2004.

Image credit: Senior Abby Keenan

Dates to Remember

Remember that you can always check the MSA website calendar for upcoming calendar events.

February 11 - Singing Valentine forms due

February 13-19 - Scholastic Book Fair

February 14 - Grandparent's/Special Person's Day

February 14 - Singing Valentine deliveries

February 15 - Deadline for Priority Enrollment

February 17 - President's Day, no school, extended day only

March 2-6 - Play week

April 25 - Escape to Kokomo - Spring Benefit & Auction

Singing Valentines

The Middle School will be selling Singing Valentines to be delivered on Valentine's Day, next Friday. Each Singing Valentine will include a song sung by MSA students, a poem, candy, and a card. Please see this form for options and purchasing information -- the form is due this coming Tuesday, February 11.

Valentine's Day Babysitting

Need a sitter for Friday night? The High School is offering babysitting for Valentine's night as part of a fundraiser for their class trip! See the following flier for details.
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Preventing the Flu

Please click on this CDC link from Nurse Merriman or on the picture below to view some helpful preventative measures you can take to help fight germs and prevent the flu.

Nestor's Eagle Scout Project

MSA senior Nestor Rodriguez McKneally spent the past weekend and into the week working on his Eagle Scout project: adding a second staircase along the opposite side of the amphitheater from the existing stairs. It's a huge task, and he's made great progress so far!
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Dr. Nietzer's Dentistry Presentation

Dr. Nietzer from Anderson Pediatric Dentistry presented a fun lesson to the Primary and Lower Elementary students this week. The lesson highlighted the importance of brushing your teeth and eating healthy foods by showing the difference between an egg soaked in water for half an hour and an egg soaked in Coca Cola for the same time period. He also taught the students proper dental hygiene techniques and helped ease any fears they may have about seeing a dentist wearing protective equipment by having the students race to put on a scrub top, face mask, and eye protection and brush the teeth of some stuffed animals. The students had a blast learning about dental hygiene! For more photos, see this gallery.
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Cub Scouts

The scouts had a great time developing their hand-eye coordination and reflexes by playing a modified game of tag called Ninja at the end of this week's Cub Scouts meeting.

Anatomy and Physiology Vocabulary Hangman

With Mrs. Presgraves out sick this week, students in Anatomy and Physiology taught each other complex anatomy terms through a game of hangman. See this album for more photos.
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Clemson Library Trip

The eighth grade students took a trip this Thursday to the Clemson University library to begin research on their eighth grade projects. They also had a chance to visit the Hendrix Student Center for lunch and delicious ice cream. See this album for more photos from the trip.
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Treehouse Rite of Passage

Upon turning five, students in Primary gain the privilege of climbing the tree house. This is such a sweet right of passage for our children. The excitement and joy they feel when they get to climb up for the first time, but also to see our friend getting this privilege, is a true blessing.
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High School Internships

Students in High School participate in a work internship each year where they can explore their interests and learn in a hands-on manner as Montessorians do best. Most of the students took part in their internship this Thursday, and those that have already completed their internships presented their experience to their peers on Friday. See this album for more photos of the student presentations.
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Yearbooks On Sale

The yearbook staff has been working diligently to preserve this year's memories of students at ALL levels throughout the school! Make sure to purchase one for your child to remember their friends and all the great times they had this year! Click this link to purchase yours today or buy one in the front office for only $40!
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Play Practice

High School students in charge of set, sound, and lighting design met this Tuesday to plan set pieces and prepare sound and lighting cues for Annie JR. To get in the right mindset, everyone at the meeting donned fancy hats.
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Scholastic Book Fair

It's Book Fair Time! We will hold our annual Scholastic Book Fair starting next week, from February 13 - 19. We hope to see you there!

  • Volunteers are needed to help children check out their purchases at the fair. If you are able to help, please use this link to sign up online.
  • Online purchases can be made beginning February 9th via our book fair web page. These purchases will be shipped home.
  • New this year - Scholastic E-Wallet offers you the opportunity to load funds for your child so they do not have to bring cash to school. Access this through our book fair web page.

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