a country full of history

Where is Romania?

Romania is located in the south eastern part of Europe boarding the Black Sea between countries Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Whats it like there?

Romania has a humid subtropical climate with cloudy, snowy winters and sunny summers with frequent showers and thunderstorms. With the physical landscape like, Mount. Moldoveanu and the beautiful Transylvavian alps this country has a little bit of everything.

The Economy

There is about 9.6 million people who work in Romania. 39% work in agriculture with 34% in industry, 29% in services with 11% of the population unemployed. Romania is a fairly poor country with 22% of the population live below the poverty line.
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Counter culture

World war ll had a huge impact on Romania. The German military took control and set up Nazi concentration camps persecution thousands. Today, with high rates of poverty and malnutrition Romania is continuing to improve daily.
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In the past, spouses were picked by a matchmaker. Villages were invited to join in the festive event. Women have more rights then men and the couple ask forgiveness for leaving the family. Today, couples get to pick their spouses and divorce as they wish.