The Hydrosphere

One of the Earth's four spheres

Where the Hydrosphere is located on Earth

The Hydrosphere is what makes up the oceans, seas, rivers, and all other bodies of water.

Without the Hydrosphere...

We would all be dead. In fact, it wouldn't be possible for humans, plants, animals or almost anything to exist, for two reasons.

  1. We are mostly made of water, and with no water around, we wouldn't be possible.
  2. Water is something we need to survive. If we drank no water for a while, we would die.

Many things depend on the Hydrosphere. Some examples are:

Yep. That's me.

The Hydrosphere depends on...

The atmosphere for those of its aquatic animals that breathe air. The hydrosphere depends on the biosphere to make the oxygen that forms water when joined with hydrogen. The hydrosphere depends on the geosphere to give it something to be contained in..


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