Superintendent's Newsletter

December 2016

Christmas Card 2016

Congratulations to Ms. Emilie Boehm who won the Christmas card contest. Thank you to all students who submitted a picture. It was wonderful to see all of the talent coming out of the art department. Emilie's card went out to 100 organizations. Thank you Emilie.
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Drug Awareness Video

Students from Mr. Kulick's Video Club and Video classes accepted the challenge from the FBI to create a video that brings awareness to opioid addiction that leads to heroin use and possible death. The kids did a great job on meeting their criteria while most importantly honing their video skills while helping the FBI work towards saving lives. The video is on YouTube and can be found by searching for “Choose The Right Path – Leechburg School District.” While on YouTube, please like the video and share it out via your social networks. The students have the chance to win a trip to FBI Headquarters along with a $500 prize to help fund the Video Club. Your like and shares on YouTube help our chances of winning the popular vote.

2016 Fluid Power Challenge

On November 17th, four students, Ivan Guo, Dalton Hamm, Skylyn Raypush and Olivia Shimer competed in the 2016 Fluid Power Challenge. Students had to build a device that would pick up a block and move it into different point locations in competition. Along with the build they had to create a portfolio with explicit instructions on design, theories and what it takes to make such a device. The kids took 2nd place out of 29 schools and missed first place literally by less than two seconds.

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Mrs. Deemer's Community Service Project

Mrs. Deemer's third grade class decided to make goody bags for the holiday season for the residents of West Haven Nursing home. Students came up with the idea during their weekly class meeting. Parents donated the goodys and students assembled the bags. Thanks to all who helped

Chain Reaction Contraption Contest

On Dec. 9th, Monica Robinson’s Jungle Contraption received a “Special Award” from Inventionland entitled “What will you create?” as well as a tour of Inventionland for her Materials and Design Class (plus special guests). According to the ranking information below, Monica placed 4th overall out of 44 teams. WOW!!!

Jacob Mort, Hayleigh Barr and Kaylee Krassman presented the Bikini Bottom Contraption and scored very well in several categories! Most impressive was their “public speaking” skills on contest day as well as their “never give up” attitudes! KUDOS!!

Thanks to everyone to helped with the “practice days” and supported the teams with advice and repurposed supplies!

The 15656 Bank Robbery Team and the Bikini Bottom Team are working to FINISH their contraptions to share with everyone in 2017!

Alle-Kiski Honors Band

Four of the four Leechburg students that auditioned for Alle-Kiski Honors Band won seats in the ensemble. The festival will be in January.

Erin McCormick - Flute

Keira Jones - Flute

Blake Foster – Tenor Saxophone

Andrew Pallus - Percussion

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How are snow and cold temperature delays called?

One of the hardest parts of my job is deciding whether or not to call a delay or cancellation. So, how do I make my decision? I want to share the process with you.

For Bad Weather: First, I contact the Gilpin, Leechburg, and West Leechburg managers to determine the conditions of the roads. They are my sources for a judgement call on road safety. Second, I call the bus company to get their opinion on hazardous conditions for the buses. Finally, I talk with the superintendents from surrounding school districts. We will often decide as a county what we are going to do.

For Cold Temperatures: If it is a wind chill BELOW -10, we will call a delay.

It is no longer a mystery. So as the kids are bugging you every 5 minutes asking if they have a delay, I am on the phone trying to make the decision. I know that it isn't easy on parents when there is a delay or cancellation, but I always have the children's safety as the priority when making the decision.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.