Budgeting Tips for Teens!

By Tyler Mateus


Budgeting tip 1

Understand the goal that you are setting- Do not track every dime that you spend but make sure you sometimes track to make sure you are working with your budget and did not go over.
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Budgeting tip 2

Track your spending for a week- So then you have an estimate of how much you send a week and if another week you do the same spending and it does not ass you you can catch on right away. It helps you also find out how you can cut back if you are going over.
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Budgeting tip 3

Save first plan- Save your money first so just in case something happens and you used your money for the week then you can use that money that was saved for expenses. Good option that you can use for saving.
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Budgeting tip 4

Cut any unnecessary items from your budget- It just saves you with extra money on needed items do not spend all your money on wants because needs are priority's and will make you live a better life.
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Budgeting tip 5

Charge it- Use credit card or debit card so you can monitor your money better because using cash is hard to monitor unless you write it down. Cards are good if you can control your spending just because you have it doesn't mean you should always buy what you find.
5 Easy Budgeting Tips: Back to Budget Basics

Budgeting tip 6

Make lists of important things you need and that you will pay for set money aside and then cut out any other items that are unnecessary or that are not things you need right now to survive. You can save money for some wants but make sure they are things you will use.
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Budgeting tip 7

Work with another family member and try to start budget together and see who can save more it will cut down your spending by a lot so challenge a friend or family member and make yourself try and save more then usual.