The all-in-one Super Bag!

It's a backpack a purse and a carry on flight mini suitcase!

So what is the Super Bag?

The Super Bag has lots of space for everything that you can possibly think of getting in one bag. The special stretch and expandable design make the Super Bag easily compattable with bigger wallets and even laptops. The Super Bag is a backpack, purse, and suitcase designed for the most "needy" people. Super Bag is available in many colors and patterns and you can even have them customized with your name on them. Super Bags make perfect gifts for a relative, friends, and daughters. Super Bags are also perfect for mothers day when you just don't know what to get mom.

See how Super Bag works...

Need more info?

No problem! SuperBag Co. is always accepting requests to have new patterns and designs made. Have a request? Questions or comments? Let us know! We want to know how our product is and if its a good quality. Tell us what you think!

Wait...we stil have more!

Now you can send us your e-mail adress and receive sneak peeks at new designs! here are the newest designs requested by someone like you!

want super bag customized???

what if you had a super bag with your super name on it? just send an e-mail adress with your name in it and send to our e-mail!