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Bullets to Ballots Game Review

Who was involved in the game and who had power?

The Army and Wealthy, who had 200 M.S.U., were running the corrupt government of Guatemala, who had 20 M.S.U.s. The Gorillas, who had 60 M.S.U.s are trying to over through the government. The Peasants had 0 M.S.U.s but their votes are doubled. Finally there was the U.S. with 60 M.S.U.s but couldn't vote, that was just watching and waiting for something that they don't like to happen.

How did the balance of power shift and why? Day 1

The balance of power shifted on the first day when the Gorillas and the wealthy attacked each other and both gained 20 M.S.U.s. Molly was also silenced. Every group came over to our group and wanted to make a treaty for our votes in exchange for M.S.U.s. The wealthy made a pretty tempting offer; 50 M.S.U.s for our votes. They didn't say all of our votes they just said for our votes.

How did the balance of power shift and why? Day 2

The Second day started off with the Eric and Erica silenced. The Gorillas sided with Cuba and gained 60 M.S.U.s. After that The Guatemala government gave their 20 M.S.U.s to the Gorillas. The Gorillas also gained 50 M.S.U.s from my group, the Peasants, and that gave the Gorillas a grand total of 200 M.S.U.s. So that means that every group has 0 M.S.U.s except the Gorillas and the Wealthy who both have 200 M.S.U.s.

How did the balance of power shift and why? Day 3

The Third day was pretty boring because the Gorillas and the Wealthy both had 200 M.S.U.s. The U.S. had sided with the Wealthy in Day 2 so they didn't have any M.S.U.s. The Guatemala government had sided with the Gorillas in Day 2 also, so they did't have any M.S.U.s.

How was cooperation and conflict shown in the game?

There were treaties made and broken. The Gorillas attacked the Wealthy every month and some times it was a draw and some times it was gain or lose M.S.U.s. Same with the Wealthy; they attacked the Gorillas 2 times, at the beginning of month 1 and on the day of election there was a couple of fights.

What was the role of the United States in this game?

The U.S didn't really do anything until month 2 when they sided with and gave all of their M.S.U.s to the Gorillas. At the end of the game when the Gorillas decided what type of government they wanted, the U.S. didn't like that they decided to make it an oligarchy. The U.S. killed the gorillas and then allowed the Peasants and the Guatemala government to have an election.

What happens to a country when power shifts?

When power shifts it can be good or it can be bad. It can be good if the government is bad and corrupt it could be good if the power were to shift to the gorillas or the people. It could be bad if the government is good an nice to its people and then gorillas or an other country come in and take out the government. That would be a bad change in power.

What relationships do you have in your life, and how are cooperation and conflict evident?

I cooperate with my parents and with my relatives. Conflict comes up when I don't do my homework or something like that.