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Thursday, February 4th, Day 3

Attention Staff

Report Cards are open for grading..

Wanted: Josh Mull is looking for bubble wrap for a printmaking project J

Both Health offices are in need of gently used sweatpants/wind pants/leggings for boys and girls. Thanks

If anyone is interested in buying raffle tickets for the 2016 Scott Delforte Park Jam, please see Mary Jo Zahn. Drawing will be on February 13, 2016 at Bristol Mountain.


2/4-8am- 9am- Curriculum Collaboration (2nd & 5th/PE)

2/5- 8am-Grade Level Leaders-Room 463

2/9- 8am-Faculty Meeting-North Audiotorium

2/11-8am-Grade Level Meetings (Grade Level Leader's Room)


2/11 RMSC, Strasenburgh Planetarium (Hopkins, Holzchuh & Beaudoin)


Annesi, Annette/ .5 pm/ Quinn Simmons

Autin, Melanie/ Danielle Greer

Calcagni, Lori/ no sub

Carbary, Renee/ .75 pm/ no sub

Cirone, Jean/ Kristin Galens

Clark, Natalie Michael Zollweg

D'Amato, Chris/ no sub

Doody, Hannah .5 am/ no sub

Floating-IST/ Tabitha Metz

Ieda, Chris/ no sub

Maher, Kali/ .5 pm/ Joyce Moore

Marsh, Daina/ Catherine Rieck

Reitschky, Carol/ no sub

Schopinsky, Kathleen/ .5 am/ no sub

Thompson, Jim/ .5 pm/ Ellison, Kerri

Tomanovich, Leslie/ no sub

Tricomi, Karen .25 pm/ no sub

Trowbridge, Signa/ .5 pm/ no sub

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February Birthdays

2/7-Carol Reitschky

2/8-Rebecca Boseck

2/19-Lisa Cooke

2/24-Katherine Adams

2/25-Dawn DeMott

2/25-Ann VonRhedy

2/25-Julie Marie Smith

2/26-Meaghan Smith

Dream Big. Work Hard. Create. Play Fair. Make a Difference.

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